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Need translationMel12-29-02  02:51 am
Brownie and a few others...Anam12-27-02  09:48 pm
Fógraí (Announcements)Liam Mac Giodaire12-23-02  10:20 pm
Need help for simple translationOliverg10 12-23-02  09:56 pm
Spelling of "Shannon"Tomas OCathain12-23-02  06:50 pm
Fógra Ceolchoirme CláirseachaLúcas Ó Catháin12-22-02  08:21 am
Need opinions on dictionaries.Randolph Ubben12-22-02  01:50 am
Translation of Ashley JuddOliver Grennan12-19-02  07:46 pm
Any classes coming up in Queens, New York?Kevin McGowan12-19-02  06:26 am
Christmas Message Response Translation PleaseBradford12-18-02  02:30 pm
Ainm chun ár grúpaJames12-15-02  05:20 pm
Tá mé nua, agus aistriúchan, le do thoil..Randolph Ubben12-14-02  11:05 am
Main difficulties for new learners?Edward Delany13 12-12-02  08:12 pm
An Irish Name/Title for my new businessalec112-12-02  05:53 pm
PronounciationBr James12-12-02  05:17 pm
Please help with translations...Vera12-11-02  05:09 pm
Buying Books as GaeilgePaul12-11-02  12:26 pm
Irish House BlessingCaioneach Sean Sporl12-10-02  02:22 pm
English to irish...."create joy and thus, find peace"meghan12-09-02  08:22 pm
Need a phraseToksterAK12-08-02  04:20 pm
Gaeilge agus Fáilte book and tapesmike boyle12-08-02  03:18 pm
Aimsear AnseoSeosamh Mac Muirí12-06-02  09:34 am
Cén Ghaeilge atá ar "wife"?Aonghus12-06-02  06:01 am
Name in IrishJames12-05-02  11:59 pm
QuestionsEdward Delany12-05-02  07:31 pm
Best word to useAntaine12-05-02  02:43 pm
Help with namesRisteárd11 12-05-02  11:47 am
Irish sayings/rproverbsJen12-05-02  11:34 am
Ó Siadhail-- what the heak does this mean...Al Evans12-05-02  08:24 am
Sentence Construction Explanation please!Al Evans12-05-02  08:17 am
An t-oglachascott191612-04-02  07:17 am
Translation needed -- Thank YouCricket12-01-02  07:03 pm
Yet another Name TranslationNiamh11-30-02  11:11 am
Translation pleaseEdward Delany11-29-02  04:18 am
Translation Request - please helpSeosamh Mac Muirí11-27-02  11:31 am
NAME IN IRISHDaltaí in Éirinn11-25-02  08:21 pm
Classes nearby?Tomas OCathain11-24-02  01:16 pm
"ban" in phraseagnéis11-23-02  10:40 am
Cuir bearla air seo, le do thoilAlva11-23-02  10:32 am
Translation pleaseSeosaimhín Nic Rabha11-20-02  01:51 pm
Family talkJon11-18-02  09:48 pm
Any large-print books to help me learn Irish?Seosaimhín Nic Rabha11-18-02  02:25 pm
Looking for an Irish teacherBrian11-17-02  09:34 pm
Translation of AEQUITAS and VERITASJames11-17-02  04:10 pm
Translation, pleaseAilís ní hAllmhúráin11-17-02  11:26 am
Translation help pleasealec111-16-02  06:32 pm
Request for Christmas/New Year Greetingsanne agnew11-13-02  09:36 pm
Help with correct Irish pronunciationAonghus20 11-13-02  02:54 pm
HelpÓ Dúill11-12-02  04:43 pm
CapeSeosamh Mac Muirí11-12-02  04:55 am
Wipe the Irish language off the school curriculum in IrelandJoseph Charles Monag42 11-11-02  06:08 pm
More Christmastide greetingsursulaamy11-11-02  02:12 pm
Help please...alec111-10-02  05:34 pm
I want to learn gaelic language!!!Seosamh Mac Muirí11-10-02  02:30 pm
Who's Up For The Great Debate Laighneach15 11-10-02  10:51 am
Al Evans, Larry, James, Paul and Daithi...just in case you miss my ...Colleen OBrien11-09-02  11:14 pm
Is there a general rule for forming plurals?Seosamh Mac Muirí11-08-02  12:25 pm
Check and Edit, más é do thoil éPól10 11-08-02  12:24 pm
Justin and Justine in Irishursulaamy11-08-02  09:57 am
Baile Atha Cliath agus Dún LaoghaireÓ Dúill11-07-02  04:43 pm
Can some translate this in to Irish, thanksAonghus11-06-02  03:22 pm
Translation from English to Irish pleasealec111-04-02  08:58 pm
Another great message boardsam11-03-02  08:00 pm
Useful siteJonas11-03-02  03:28 pm
Why is there no Gaeilge chat room?Fealsamh10 11-02-02  01:26 pm
I need a translation pleasealec111-01-02  05:42 pm
How does one choose or "vet" a Irish teacher? Ursula10-31-02  05:13 pm
Baby stuffursulaamy10-30-02  02:52 pm
Irish Indelicacy?alec110-30-02  07:34 am
Translation: somalehock gemilipensalec110-30-02  05:45 am
I need your helpLarry11 10-29-02  05:27 am
Cursai na Gaeilge sa GhaeltachtJonas10-23-02  06:01 pm
Please translateRisteard10-22-02  05:56 pm
Irish Interview for Graduate Diploma in EducationSean10-22-02  03:00 pm
Help with Buntus book 3Lisa ORourke10-19-02  09:29 pm
How do I pronounce...alec110-19-02  09:19 am
"______ atá orm" or "_____ is ainm dom" ???Dahid Maxham10 10-18-02  10:26 pm
Culture Magazine Looking to Promote Irish Culture!alec110-18-02  05:32 pm
PleaseTranslate for mealec110-17-02  09:03 am
Help with linguistics class, pleaseJohn Kane10-17-02  12:29 am
Please help me win this bet.Jonas10-14-02  01:40 pm
Need Translation pleaseFintan10-13-02  10:14 pm
Gaelic and Navajo are relatedFintan10-13-02  10:01 pm
(Mc)Crossen meaning and translationalec110-13-02  04:44 pm
So dorn donna dubfuilteh!alec110-13-02  04:07 pm
How do I spell my Irish name in Irish?Patricia ORiordan10-11-02  08:00 pm
Please, we need your help.......alec110-11-02  09:49 am
Please help with birth announcement translationSeo...10-10-02  04:56 pm
Lydenalec110-10-02  08:16 am
Irish spelling for surname HOLDEN?"Dan Holden10-09-02  01:32 pm
Please help me translate my poemChristina Hickman10-08-02  07:04 pm
Amhrán MhuinseBrien Hoye10 10-06-02  07:31 pm
Help for the Overwhelmed!Brad Toben10-05-02  08:59 am
Bh mh ceistMiriam Ellis10-05-02  01:59 am
Peace be with youAilís ní hAllmhúráin13 10-04-02  05:48 pm
Please proof read my first sentence attempts...Ó Dúill10-04-02  05:20 pm
Sean-Nós Event in Boston MABrien Hoye10-04-02  03:32 pm
Translation please - "keep on dancing"james10-04-02  08:51 am
Faigh CeistMiriam Ellis10-04-02  01:10 am
Proper pronunciation of O'Fuarain/O'Fuarthain?James10-03-02  02:43 pm
Pronunciation help pleaseÓ Dúill10-03-02  02:25 pm
Are these Irish words?alec110-02-02  03:03 pm
Conas a dearfá Welsh dom as Gaeilge?alec110-01-02  07:33 pm
"I Love You"James09-29-02  02:35 pm
Suíomh Dána !Daithí09-28-02  05:52 pm
Translation, etc. Al Evans09-28-02  03:46 pm
Was recently in Ireland....Okete15 09-28-02  09:40 am
A simple translation?jadonmccrady11 09-27-02  05:03 pm
Eoin/Eógan/Eoghan/Seán/John: An t-ainm céanna?Ó Dúill09-27-02  02:59 pm
Advanced GaeilgeMáirín Miller09-27-02  08:58 am
Surname In IrishJay Caley12 09-26-02  05:34 pm
Irish teacher in the Netherlands?Seosaimhín Nic Rabha09-26-02  01:49 pm
Eoin/Eógan/Eoghan/Seán/John: An t-ainm céanna?alec109-26-02  01:43 pm
O'KaneJohn Kane09-26-02  12:30 am
Classes in Newark NJGobnait Humphreys09-25-02  10:34 pm
Translation for a Song Title . . .Ó Dúill09-24-02  01:57 pm
Help translating to IrishÓ Dúill09-24-02  01:49 pm
Asimple problem can anyone help?Nicole11 09-23-02  03:52 pm
"A Soldiers Song" Antaine09-22-02  08:42 am
Scannan Mhic Gib i Laidin agus AraimisDaithí09-22-02  08:07 am
A chara James, I have an off topic question for you.ursulaamy09-20-02  11:11 am
Laidin bheoDaithí09-19-02  09:45 pm
need a translation ... please... Seathrún16 09-19-02  12:22 pm
Ag, Le, Do ??Ó Dúill09-17-02  04:31 pm
Changing Seasonsalec109-15-02  04:30 pm
Sin é?alec109-15-02  02:32 pm
Leabhair Patrick O Brianalec109-15-02  07:34 am
Comhdháil i gCo. an Chabháin / Two day conference in Co. Cavan...Pádraig Ó Cuinneagái09-14-02  08:17 pm
KnocknagowBrien Hoye09-14-02  06:47 pm
Irish Language Day at the Irish Arts Center in NYCLisa09-13-02  04:53 pm
Alt: i gcuimhne luchta an WTC..Daithí Mac Lochlainn09-13-02  09:04 am
Irish culture/resources in London?Ó Dúill09-12-02  05:03 pm
New to Gaelicsam09-12-02  10:44 am
Celtic Clothing & Culture 1 - 1000 ADAibinn09-10-02  10:25 pm
Desperately seeking for a teacher dmitry09-10-02  07:55 am
Online TransltionSam09-08-02  10:56 pm
One more person now Learning Gaeilgesam09-08-02  04:23 pm
Translation of Real Democracy PartyÓ Dúill09-08-02  02:56 pm
A bold proposalJames09-07-02  09:54 am
Help, a little translation please!Ó Dúill09-06-02  04:02 pm
Help is needed for a translation...Oded09-04-02  04:37 pm
Pronunciation of Fuarain/FuarthainUrsula Forhan09-03-02  06:10 pm
Help with translation and pronunciationAilís ní hAllmhúráin09-03-02  02:42 pm
I have a quetions about possessionsoded12 08-29-02  09:19 pm
Help!!Althea Forhan08-29-02  05:03 pm
Mac / Ni / O' Ó Dúill08-29-02  02:58 pm
What a wonderful site!Maírín Miller08-29-02  11:32 am
Name translation Ursula Forhan08-29-02  10:26 am
4 small lines need translating. Help?KyleDeFranco08-29-02  12:42 am
Dog obedience commands in IrishBob de la muerte08-28-02  11:45 am
I need a translation from Gaelic to EnglishJames08-28-02  09:23 am
Proposal for MarriagePádraig08-27-02  08:30 pm
Surname PronunciationPádraig08-27-02  08:13 pm
Epitaph translationJames08-27-02  03:09 pm
What is the origin of the place name Kells?Lúcas08-25-02  06:00 pm
Ceist GramadachAl Evans08-23-02  06:15 pm
Nobility and stuffAilís Ní hAllmhúráin08-23-02  01:04 pm
Wedding Band Inscription "Help"!James08-23-02  10:30 am
Help with translation for wedding band engravings!Jim08-22-02  02:51 pm
Earraí GaelachaAl Evans08-21-02  10:35 am
Translation for some wordsAilís Ó hAllmhúráin08-20-02  03:37 pm
Neansaí FhuisceachDennis Leyden08-19-02  01:25 pm
North belfastnomad08-18-02  12:52 pm
North belfastnomad08-18-02  12:46 pm
A beautiful blessing for a baby girl, anyone?James08-17-02  11:56 pm
Nancy Whiskey Translationbrian cross08-16-02  05:44 pm
Pronunciation of "chathú me" mairin08-16-02  12:48 pm
Angela BourkeDoreen Ford Bruscell08-15-02  04:35 pm
Looking for more expressions using opposite words like "Éist do bhé...Seosamh08-14-02  11:27 am
Irish speaking teacher needed for children of actor Pat Curran08-14-02  10:02 am
My RamblingsAonghus08-12-02  07:50 am
Oro Se Do Bheatha BhaileGavin08-09-02  11:23 pm
Ordering a GuinnessDennis Leyden08-09-02  10:51 am
How to say 'hedgehog' in Irish?Anton Bryl08-07-02  06:25 pm
Thank you so much for your lack of interest to my Query!scoobser08-07-02  03:36 pm
The Dialect Cois Fhairrge, Co. GalwayGavin08-06-02  03:51 pm
Invitation for allCasey OConnor08-04-02  01:26 am
Help with Irish Etiquette \ CustomÓ Dúill08-03-02  02:02 pm
Cill Al-Qaeda i mBaile Átha CliathSeosamh Mac Bhloscai08-01-02  11:32 pm
Could someone help with an english to irish translation for a heads...Níocláis Macróibín08-01-02  04:01 pm
Sign on a houseÓ Dúill07-31-02  04:43 pm
Sign on a houseAonghus07-31-02  11:21 am
Help need with Irish translationMichael Scott07-31-02  04:08 am
Teanga Sceimhle? ~ Language of Terror?Fintan07-30-02  10:17 pm
Can someone give me a translation to "go han mhaith"Ó Dúill07-29-02  05:11 pm
Translation, pleaseSeosamh Mac Bhloscai07-29-02  11:19 am
Teach Yourself IrishMedb Mackey14 07-26-02  10:16 pm
Translation/Pronunciation help...Laura C07-26-02  06:49 pm
One kind favor...Al Evans07-25-02  04:03 pm
SébhiúErin Conway16 07-25-02  12:10 pm
An Ghaeilge ar 'Website'Aonghus07-24-02  11:41 am
Appropriate translations for a restaurant?Seosamh Mac Bhloscai07-24-02  12:08 am
Irish in Northern IrelandJonas15 07-23-02  08:43 am
Help! Looking for Irish/Gaelic pen pal who can be friend and help a...Ali07-23-02  12:33 am
House NameSeosamh Mac Bhloscai07-22-02  10:50 pm
Ron Crow's Home TutorJames07-22-02  11:40 am
OGHAMJames Murphy07-21-02  08:31 pm
Letter translationAonghus07-19-02  03:59 am
Daltaí Picnic - Saturday, July 27thrath07-16-02  10:15 pm
Cook Book TitleAonghus07-16-02  04:15 am
Thabharfainnjim07-15-02  10:11 am
Ceardsearc means ??Seosamh Mac Bhloscai07-14-02  10:11 pm
Fáinne Gaeilge?Karen McDonnell15 07-14-02  05:28 pm
Translation of a simple English phrasedmoshea07-12-02  01:13 pm
Weblog úr ar na SéMick Fealty07-11-02  09:17 am
PronunciationElewyn07-10-02  03:40 pm
Surname pronunciationMary Tingay07-10-02  01:21 pm
'Puppy' in Gaelic is what?Seosamh Mac Bhloscai07-08-02  04:12 pm
Could you help translate this?Aonghus07-08-02  03:45 am
Seán or Seaghán?? or Seánn??Dennis King07-07-02  02:31 pm
Sin é?alec109-15-02  02:32 pm
Irish speaking teacher needed for children of actor Pat Curran08-14-02  10:02 am
English to irish...."create joy and thus, find peace"meghan12-09-02  08:22 pm
"Tiarna na Fáinní - The Lord of The Rings"Dennis King02-01-02  06:34 pm
Please proof read my first sentence attempts...Ó Dúill10-04-02  05:20 pm
Cuir bearla air seo, le do thoilAlva11-23-02  10:32 am
Translation for some wordsAilís Ó hAllmhúráin08-20-02  03:37 pm
English to irish...."create joy and thus, find peace"meghan12-09-02  08:22 pm
What keyboard do you use to type Irish/Gaeilge?Mike11 01-24-03  10:49 pm
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