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Daisy ( -
Posted on Thursday, October 03, 2002 - 12:12 am:   Edit Post Print Post

I'll be reading the following blessing at an upcoming wedding. Below is an approximation of the way I'm currently pronouncing it. I'd very much appreciate any feedback on what I might be mispronouncing.

Go raibh sibh daibhir i mí-áidh
Agus saibhir i mbeannachtaí
Go mall ag déanamh namhaid, go luath a déanamh carad,
Ach saibhir nó daibhir, go mall nó go luath,
Nach raibh ach áthas agaibh
Ón lá seo amach.

guh ruh shiv DAV-ur i MEE-aw
AH-gus SAV-ur i MAN-ukh-tee
guh mahl uh JAY-now NOW-uj, guh LU-uh uh JAY-now KAH-rud
AHKH SAV-ur no DAV-ur, guh mahl no guh LU-uh
nahkh ruh ahkh AW-hus uh-GIV
own law shuh uh-MAHKH

In case it's not clear, I'm using "kh" to represent the velar fricative, as seems to be standard.


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Ó Dúill ( -
Posted on Thursday, October 03, 2002 - 02:25 pm:   Edit Post Print Post

Well done on the pronunciation, maybe a few things, but it might depend on regional variation

guh rev shiv dhowe-ear ih mee-aw
auhgus sou-ear i man-ock-tee
guh moll egg jay-niv nouh-vid, guh lu-ah a jay-niv car-id
ock sou-ear no dhowe-ear, guh moll no guh lu-ah
knock rev shuh amock

le meas,

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