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GÆLIC MEDIUM SCHOOL SAVED !!!liam O Briain06-30-01  12:57 am
HELP translationAonghus06-27-02  03:59 am
Tusa and Tu feinSeosamh03-14-02  11:41 pm
Phrase TranslationSeosamh03-14-02  11:34 pm
2 basic sayings - translation neededrhonda03-14-02  01:18 pm
Need to know a translation for-Seosamh Mac Muirí03-13-02  12:41 pm
Runner needs translationSeosamh03-12-02  11:52 pm
Aistriú as Béarla...Aonghus03-11-02  04:01 am
Always and ForeverSeosamh Mac Muirí03-09-02  08:24 am
Placement of object in the sentenceSeosamh Mac Muirí03-09-02  07:58 am
The Many Faces of LoveSeosamh Mac Muirí03-09-02  06:16 am
Simple translationSteve Carter03-06-02  08:34 pm
I'm a French student...Julien Jovelet03-04-02  11:41 am
Trouble Typing FadasColm Ó Dúill13 03-01-02  04:14 pm
Could Someone Please Translate this for ME?eagarthóir03-01-02  03:36 pm
Irish Language Weekend in Oconomowoc ( Wisc.)Seosaimhín Nic Rabha02-28-02  02:01 pm
Lookin for a Penpal/Chat buddybrian02-28-02  01:32 pm
Parade in Belmar - Sunday, March 3rdrath02-27-02  09:17 pm
Belmar Parade - meeting time & placeRath02-26-02  10:16 pm
Help with translation pleaseshell02-26-02  11:17 am
English to Gaeilge TranslationDanann02-24-02  07:25 pm
Song titleAntaine02-23-02  08:49 pm
New Learner looking for Pen PalsSeosamh Mac Muirí02-23-02  03:06 pm
Aifreann Fhéile Pádraig: dea-scéal...Seosamh Mac Muirí02-23-02  02:52 pm
Let Your Roots Show !!Seosamh Mac Muirí02-23-02  02:50 pm
Aifreann Fhéile Pádraig: dea-scéal...Daithí Mac Lochlainn02-21-02  10:16 pm
Pronunciation help suggestions?Aonghus02-21-02  10:57 am
Names and translations - please help!Seosamh02-19-02  11:49 pm
Obair sna Stáit AontaitheFintan02-19-02  06:52 pm
Translation helpMichelle02-19-02  11:23 am
Gaeilge san Aifreann Fhéile PádraigSeosamh Mac Muirí02-19-02  04:43 am
Postchártaí don Chairdinéal...Daithí Mac Lochlainn02-19-02  12:46 am
Here's A Translation...Aonghus02-18-02  04:11 am
Translation help pleaseBob Hussey02-17-02  10:52 pm
Irish in Cali San Diego Pól02-15-02  03:06 pm
Boston Connradh na GaeilgeBocstaí02-12-02  03:39 pm
Looking for translation. Help!Aonghus02-12-02  04:00 am
MidwivesSeosamh02-12-02  12:09 am
Need help! looking for word...!!Aonghus02-11-02  03:41 am
PromiseEimerkopf02-08-02  06:48 pm
Connradh na Gaeilge BostonBocstaí02-08-02  01:03 pm
Service for John Patrick TierneySeosamh Mac Muirí02-08-02  07:03 am
"Yes" in a general sense...Seosaimhín Nic Rabha02-07-02  10:27 am
Sentence Structure CheckDoug Slauson02-07-02  12:48 am
Help Defining Grammatical Terms, Please.Seosamh Mac Muirí02-05-02  01:01 pm
God Freedom Love Brian Trainor02-05-02  04:30 am
Two quick questions - Esopus and music relatedPól02-03-02  03:46 pm
"Tiarna na Fáinní - The Lord of The Rings"Dennis King02-01-02  06:34 pm
Looking for TranslatorAE Inc.02-01-02  04:46 pm
Need help with Gaelic translation of name PLEASESeosamh Mac Muirí02-01-02  07:36 am
Help me!!! PLEASE!!!Seosamh Mac Muirí02-01-02  07:22 am
Need a translationAntaine01-30-02  06:15 pm
Question on pronouncationTracey01-30-02  02:37 pm
Does Irish pronounciation differs?Tracey01-30-02  02:28 pm
Translation and Pronounciation Help NeededLaura Van Der Linden01-29-02  02:06 pm
Poem TranslationDoug Slauson01-28-02  03:21 pm
Scottish Gaelic requestPól01-28-02  03:07 pm
Novice looking pen pal to help develop my irishAntaine01-26-02  09:39 am
Gaelige classes in Sydneytis_herself01-26-02  12:27 am
Calendar printed in Irish?Tracey01-25-02  07:47 am
I'm an unhappy Irish person the sequelAntaine01-24-02  05:13 pm
Confused, frustrated novice seeks aid!!!Equally Confused01-23-02  09:37 pm
Go raibh maith agatRupert Dowling01-20-02  07:22 pm
Dative PluralSeosamh01-20-02  06:49 pm
New studentTracey01-18-02  06:43 am
Irish Language and Culture ClassMaureen Padgett01-17-02  03:10 pm
Should be an easy one! (please help)sean o01-17-02  09:51 am
Help, please translate the nouns honor and duty, thanksAonghus01-17-02  06:49 am
Cú Chulainn nó Séadanta ar BBC-NIFintan01-17-02  01:24 am
PLEASE!!! Need a translation for a new novel.........violet01-16-02  01:53 pm
Need help writing this Jacki01-16-02  01:24 pm
I know what it means, but how do I say it?Lee01-15-02  08:39 pm
Help with a translationFintan01-15-02  07:29 pm
The Final JourneyKevin Barry01-15-02  05:06 pm
Anybody know where I could find the Tab (music).S. Nic Rabhartaigh01-14-02  09:27 pm
HOW TO SAY TEACHER Seosamh01-13-02  11:21 pm
Cuntas gairid faoi Cape Breatuinn-oiléan Ceilteach agus Gaidhlig! ...Seosaimhín Nic Rabha01-13-02  01:01 pm
The Reel ThingSeosaimhín Nic Rabha01-13-02  12:32 pm
Aonghus, three small questions (más é do thoil é)...S. Nic Rabhartaigh01-11-02  04:17 pm
Fires in Australia/dóiteáin san AstráilSeosaimhín Nic Rabha01-11-02  03:30 pm
The name AodhDennis King01-10-02  01:54 pm
Irish Language Mini Session starting soon - Brookdale CC - in NJ Rath01-08-02  11:27 pm
I need a translation please!violet01-08-02  02:18 pm
Ó Ró Sé do Bheatha Bhaile Brien Hoye01-03-02  08:49 pm
Buntus CainteSeosamh01-02-02  04:11 pm
Is the name Netterville Irish?Kelly Netterville01-02-02  01:53 pm
How can I learn Gaelic if there is no one in my area to teach it:?madra11 01-02-02  11:31 am
NAACLT and Ethel BroganLiam Mac Giodaire05-21-01  10:20 pm
MottoSeosamh Mac Muirí06-30-02  12:50 pm
Any Opinions on Galmac's SpeakWrite Software?William06-30-02  03:27 am
Translation help for a poetSeosamh Mac Muirí06-29-02  12:05 pm
Translation for dedicationSeosamh Mac Muirí06-29-02  11:43 am
The sounds of irishSeosamh Mac Muirí06-29-02  06:48 am
A Father's RewardFintan06-27-02  09:28 pm
Irish Language Mathematics Software TranslationFintan06-27-02  09:19 pm
Ttansation helpJames06-27-02  01:31 pm
Translate this one word for me, please.kay06-24-02  06:25 pm
Translation help please.Mary Tingay06-24-02  08:01 am
An Ghaeilge i gCeanadaBocstaí06-22-02  06:42 pm
HELP!! Need a translation for an inscription.Ó Dúill06-21-02  04:58 pm
A few grammer questionsÓ Dúill06-21-02  03:56 pm
An Spailpín FánachJim30 06-21-02  01:16 pm
Translations of Irish Place NamesSeosamh Mac Muirí06-21-02  11:31 am
Native American SchoolSeosamh Mac Muirí06-21-02  08:07 am
Translation, pleaseKathleen06-19-02  08:20 am
Counting in IrishDennis Patrick Leyde06-18-02  11:42 am
Translation for Pets' NameDarren Ó Murchadha10 06-17-02  10:10 pm
Ó Siadhail Lesson 19 questionsSeosamh Mac Bhloscai06-17-02  12:40 am
Translation of the word "strength"Ó Dúill06-16-02  08:43 am
Gaeilge.orgAl Evans06-15-02  10:29 am
Translation - Gaelic word for HeavenSeosamh Mac Bhloscai06-14-02  11:41 pm
Weather info as GaeilgeFintan06-12-02  08:21 pm
Help with Ó SiadhailAl Evans06-12-02  09:35 am
Help with Ó Siadhail Doreen Ford Bruscell06-10-02  03:41 pm
What is the "An" in Ryan?James06-10-02  11:17 am
"Elizabeth" and "Victoria": Irish spelling and pronounciation?...eilisw06-09-02  08:28 pm
Finished Irish Junior CertPól06-07-02  05:09 pm
Suggested anglo spelling for an Irish NameFintan06-06-02  09:47 pm
Sitting Juniour Cert on Wed. A few questionsSeosamh Mac Bhloscai06-05-02  12:54 am
Need translationPól06-04-02  03:56 pm
Seeking another translation....James06-04-02  05:45 am
Grammar Confirmation; Doing Juniour Cert in 2 daysSeosamh Mac Bhloscai06-03-02  08:48 pm
StorytellerPól06-03-02  09:54 am
An chéad díochlaonadh Geabhan06-02-02  06:21 pm
Complex SentencesPól06-01-02  05:00 pm
"Kathleen" and "Rachel": Irish Spelling and pronounciation?...Dan Holden05-31-02  02:43 pm
Driving me nuts --- muna?Richard Walsh05-30-02  06:21 pm
Need a translation for Irish website...Eamann Nic hAodha05-30-02  05:00 pm
TranslationAonghus05-30-02  03:43 am
Translation neededAonghus05-30-02  03:42 am
Evolution in verb forms?Dennis Leyden05-29-02  12:25 pm
Cad a tharla?Seosamh Mac Bhloscai05-28-02  07:25 pm
Help in translationLarry05-27-02  06:11 pm
FreedomLarry05-27-02  06:10 pm
Niggling question -- prepositionSeosamh05-26-02  07:02 pm
AccentsSeosamh05-26-02  06:56 pm
It's me, again....Larry22 05-25-02  03:25 am
Tú or tusa? sé or seisan? etc. Doreen Ford Bruscell10 05-22-02  02:47 pm
Origin of glen lochen, what does it all mean?steepco05-22-02  12:13 pm
Don't be stymied! Be fascinated!Doreen Ford Bruscell05-20-02  02:56 pm
Gaeilge i gCreamaster 3Daithí Mac Lochlainn05-19-02  02:59 pm
Cúrsa Nua/New Irish CourseAnnette Byrne10 05-19-02  12:29 pm
2001 Truman Capote AwardDaithí05-19-02  10:14 am
NAME QUESTIONSeán Garland05-18-02  07:46 pm
Translation needed for wedding bandSeán Garland05-18-02  09:38 am
Translation of mottoK.T. Mapstone05-16-02  03:31 pm
More Help With "Grammar-ese"James05-16-02  09:06 am
The dark IrishM.S. Maguire05-16-02  01:43 am
Usage question(s), verbal nounsSeosamh Mac Bhloscai05-15-02  12:39 am
Need HelpConor English05-12-02  03:53 pm
Cetic StudiesRhaibhin05-12-02  01:56 pm
Another Name Gavin05-12-02  01:24 pm
Dialect PreferencesRhaibhin05-12-02  01:12 pm
Nouns after the definite articleDennis Leyden05-11-02  11:49 am
Translation for ...John J Doherty05-11-02  10:46 am
Irish versions of names please....Fintan05-09-02  08:10 pm
Gaelic words that are used in the english languageDan Holden12 05-09-02  05:53 pm
Petition to keep Irish-language namesSeosamh05-08-02  01:54 pm
Emmigration/ImmigrationNick Dwan05-08-02  03:09 am
"Until we meet again" in Irish?James05-07-02  11:21 am
Irish and French language...Seosamh11 05-03-02  11:27 pm
Is there any software that translates English to Irish ?Medion05-03-02  10:32 pm
Can you translate this for me? from the poem AchillMyTh05-03-02  04:35 am
Translation request from New ZealandEvelyn05-01-02  05:48 am
Can you translate this for me?Gearoid O hArgain17 04-29-02  07:07 pm
Please help me learn the languageJames04-29-02  11:06 am
Translation countrynamesSeosamh Mac Bhloscai04-26-02  11:24 pm
Another house name please?Magdalen Cantwell04-26-02  09:54 pm
A Book Question- Cora Cainte as Tír ChonaillSéarles04-26-02  11:32 am
HELP!!! NOTES ON LÁ FHÉILE MÍCHÍLEilís04-26-02  06:13 am
Irish fontsMichael Everson24 04-25-02  01:05 pm
A Lost BeginnerSeosamh04-23-02  01:39 pm
HELP!!! Notes on 'lá fhéile Míchíl'...eilís04-22-02  02:48 pm
Translation Helpusername10 04-21-02  11:43 pm
UNCLE????Fintan04-18-02  08:19 pm
EuroSeosamh Mac Muirí04-16-02  07:12 am
Would like a translation....James04-13-02  03:07 pm
Its time to face the music. Aisling bhréig nó todhchaí réalaíoch? ...Ó Dúill13 04-12-02  05:31 pm
Where were you born?Risteárd04-11-02  11:52 am
I need help in a translation pleaseFintan04-08-02  08:07 pm
Could someone please translate this for me?Nerdface04-08-02  11:46 am
Cloch i nEaglais Naomh MuireSeosamh Mac Muirí04-05-02  04:33 pm
Can someone translate this into IrishFintan04-05-02  01:04 am
Wedding vowsSeosamh04-04-02  12:03 am
An Interactive Reading of "Clóicín Dearg" (Philadelphia Area)...Christine Hibbard04-01-02  11:21 pm
Irish Numbers and LatinSeosamh03-31-02  09:42 pm
Irish In OklahomaCyd18 03-29-02  02:54 pm
Irish pronountationÓ Dúill03-28-02  01:24 pm
Summer work?Larry03-27-02  05:37 pm
Multiple adjectivesLarry03-27-02  05:26 pm
A few grammar questions, más é do thoil é Seosamh03-27-02  03:44 pm
A chairdeanAonghus03-27-02  09:35 am
Making a Subject PluralÓ Dúill03-26-02  04:15 pm
Translation pleaseSeosamh Mac Muirí18 03-25-02  05:42 am
Old Irish NamesAonghus03-25-02  03:46 am
New Quizzes in the Daltaí Games Section !!rath03-23-02  08:37 pm
Old Irish/Celtic TranslationAonghus16 03-22-02  04:16 am
Aistriú - ManaFintan03-21-02  06:29 pm
House Name NeededAonghus14 03-21-02  05:36 am
Irish for the name "Justin"Fintan03-20-02  07:22 pm
I'm new...can someone PLEASE check this translationryan funderburg03-20-02  06:44 pm
Irish spelling for Japanese namesFintan03-17-02  08:27 pm
Romantic Translation Grant03-17-02  05:59 pm
Could someone please translate?Seosamh03-15-02  02:50 pm
Translation needed:Aonghus03-15-02  07:51 am
Present tense habitualLisa ORourke01-21-02  08:06 am
I have a question about Ó Siadhail's book, pleasePhil05-31-03  01:02 pm
An Irish phrase to engrave on the inside of a wedding bandLarry31 05-06-02  04:35 am
PromiseEimerkopf02-08-02  06:48 pm
Distance learning (Irish)Tomas OCathain02-16-03  10:23 am
An Ghaeilge i gCeanadaBocstaí06-22-02  06:42 pm
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