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Silicon Valley and irishPol Ferris01-09-01  01:37 pm
Help! spelling and pronounciation confusionSeosamh01-15-01  01:17 pm
Need help with translation, please!Mandi01-05-01  12:27 pm
Looking for an Irish speaking destination...williamobrien01-08-01  12:00 am
Slan Leat agus go... TranslationSeosamh01-03-01  01:54 pm
Another name translation...Seosamh01-04-01  02:54 pm
Coat of ArmsJohn Morley01-04-01  10:56 am
Getting involvedjoebray01-07-01  11:04 am
Made In IrelandSeosamh Mac Muirí14 01-15-01  10:12 am
Two young, dedicated Irish teachers from Galway - seeking employmen...hilda dooley01-09-01  11:41 am
Literal Translation?Scott Alan Shepherd01-09-01  07:04 pm
Translation of a simple phraseLaighneach01-10-01  11:59 am
"Pishkin"Dennis01-11-01  12:25 am
Poem Translation - help!DGFO01-16-01  01:35 pm
Translation of namesMike Daly01-13-01  07:26 pm
House Naming TranslationDennis01-16-01  02:33 pm
House Naming TranslationR. Murphy01-16-01  09:09 am
The time to hesitate is throughEli Ryan01-16-01  09:33 pm
AN GHAEILGE I LUIMNEACH.Liam01-19-01  09:34 pm
Translation Help: Song "Shule Aroon" Lyricswilliam fuller01-23-01  01:46 pm
Tarrthaill le do thoil....translationRhonda Corcoran01-17-01  10:20 pm
Irish translation for the King's ConsortJacki McGovern01-18-01  02:53 pm
Translation Software??Jacki McGovern01-18-01  03:02 pm
Need some help with a sentence in gaeilge.Dennis01-19-01  02:05 pm
I am sorryLaighneach01-22-01  08:01 am
Pronunciation of samhainBarbara Schenck01-22-01  11:40 am
I need help with a song translation, "Baidin Fheidhlimi"Rath01-23-01  12:46 am
NamesGreg Hayes01-24-01  09:08 am
Need help with a couple sentencesRhonda Corcoran01-23-01  10:41 pm
Need translationLaighneach01-24-01  05:16 am
Translation Please- Welcome to IrelandSeosamh01-28-01  03:18 pm
First and OnlyOrie Kristel02-08-01  06:54 pm
Need some further help with a sentence in gaeilge.Laighneach01-29-01  01:12 pm
You have to read this-an thabhachtachJonas17 02-11-01  09:20 am
A few things..Seosamh01-31-01  03:19 pm
Help me for my surpriseSeosamh Mac Bhl.10 02-05-01  01:52 pm
Names for quiltDavid Donahue02-06-01  10:44 am
Translation please: we are for each otherLaighneach02-01-01  04:27 am
Translation of a phraseEric Mumper02-01-01  12:02 pm
La Gaeilge i Yonkers NY. 24u Marta 2001. Hilary Mhic Shuibhne02-01-01  06:07 pm
Translation of a PhraseJake Hebert02-02-01  02:41 am
LearningChristine02-06-01  11:44 am
Mo fhuil glacadhJonas02-04-01  08:09 am
Mo Dhialann an chéadAlan Shepherd02-03-01  01:20 pm
Bill Clinton ina Ghaeilgeoir???Seosamh02-05-01  01:34 pm
An Gaeilge i JerusalemSeosamh02-05-01  01:26 pm
Please offer me a helping hand in translating my address into Irish!John OConnor02-05-01  08:51 am
Irish translation of a Chinese namePaul Irwin02-06-01  12:28 am
When Irish was spoken in Tasmania!Cailleach06-24-01  08:42 am
HELP PLEASELaighneach02-08-01  12:12 pm
Translation for an Irish ClubJim OLeary02-07-01  03:38 am
Quick Translation Help NeededColm Ó Dúill02-07-01  02:33 pm
A couple of questions.Seosamh10 02-10-01  02:15 pm
Translation for giftLaighneach02-08-01  12:05 pm
Real LoveAonghus02-09-01  09:51 am
I, too, would like some translation assistance!Aonghus02-09-01  09:54 am
Romance & Valentine's DayOrie Kristel03-01-01  08:45 pm
What is a "Gaeltacht"?Jonas02-20-01  08:00 am
HELP!!!!!!!Máire Ní Ógáin02-19-01  08:33 am
IRC - Internet Relay ChatLarry02-17-01  01:19 pm
History of the Language and a Quick TranslationSeosamh02-26-01  12:58 pm
Shonas nollag sult a bhaint as dochuid.B. Molloy02-18-01  06:18 pm
Dervish lyrics translationkevin maloney02-24-01  09:34 am
Need translation.Unixy J. Nightshade02-20-01  05:33 pm
Any irish speakers in GermanySeosamh Mac Muirí02-19-01  09:11 am
GrandmotherMáire Ní Ógáin02-20-01  06:27 am
Irish for people North and SouthAonghus02-20-01  01:33 pm
A rún, mo rún! Séamus Ó Dubhgáin02-24-01  02:05 am
Claddaugh, Translation to IrishLaighneach02-22-01  09:05 am
HELP ME WITH THE PROVERBSSveta02-22-01  09:26 am
Gàidhlig na hAlbanANBHUAIN: The Gælic 02-24-01  06:59 pm
Deireadh Seachtaine GaeilgeEthel Brogan02-24-01  11:21 pm
Translation/Information for my book-in-progress....Jackie Moore02-25-01  02:11 pm
A humble request for a translationChris02-26-01  10:43 am
Gaelic Book of Common PrayerDaithí Mac Lochlainn02-26-01  08:04 pm
Need translation for last nameSeosamh02-27-01  01:20 pm
I love you?Seosamh10 08-03-01  01:06 pm
Saoirse=Freedombriain toland02-03-01  01:39 pm
Need recommendation for Irish Grammar Bookfionnuala04-03-01  09:17 am
An in-depth course in learning IrishAlan Ó hAoire10 05-21-01  09:57 am
Meaning of: airíosDennis King08-21-00  02:57 pm
Naming Soft coated Wheaten TerriersBríd04-05-01  10:31 am
Loved Wife, Mother and Grandmother Karen Nic Aodh05-08-01  03:47 pm
Translate "Grandpa" to GaelicSeosamh08-03-01  12:57 pm
Óró Mo BháidínBrían08-21-01  04:12 pm
RIAN NAR DRUID O SBARIN LANNDennis10-10-00  08:55 pm
Gaeilge: Why are Irish people embaressed to speak it?Seosamh13 08-11-01  01:36 pm
Home study Irish language course for childrenOilbhe07-05-01  06:25 pm
Days of the week and the months of the yearAlan Shepherd14 02-23-01  07:49 pm
Big Boydonnchadh11-21-00  11:18 pm
Please help me with a translation for my weddingjhunker03-08-01  08:24 am
Decisions, decisions... which language tape to choose?JohnR03-08-01  06:51 pm
Slan Leat agus go raibh maith agatSeosamh01-03-01  01:51 pm
How do you say "We Three" in Irish?Seosamh Mac Muirí03-01-01  10:35 am
Correct spellingSeosamh03-02-01  02:31 pm
W.B. Yeats - What is he saying?Nadine03-01-01  06:40 pm
NEED TRANSLATION HELPSeosamh03-03-01  03:03 pm
How to say "We Are Hungry" and "I am Hungry"Bron Bateman03-06-01  11:07 pm
Number of native irish speakersDave11 03-09-01  09:24 am
Text bookLarry03-13-01  10:56 am and rawdon city english scholl , promised landparty777.com03-07-01  04:05 pm
Irish-American needs your help!Seosamh Mac Muirí03-17-01  12:45 pm
Uíbh RáthachJonas03-08-01  09:51 am
Old IrishK. Roush03-08-01  02:44 pm
GRÁ DILSEAGHT CAIRDEASDave03-10-01  02:23 pm
Help with translationDave03-09-01  08:34 am
Need quick assistance please!!patty03-12-01  12:34 pm
Industrialize An Ghaeltacht!!Liam O Briain23 04-12-01  04:41 am
The complexities of translating "between"Amy Guskin03-09-01  04:37 pm
QuestionSeosamh03-11-01  10:23 pm
Learning the Ulster DialectJonas03-13-01  05:28 am
Need to ask forgiveness from an Irish friend and would like help.reighne03-13-01  09:07 pm
Is there an Irish phraseDennis03-16-01  02:01 pm
Translation - sibacuggerneal moran03-15-01  09:50 pm
Pronunciation of Wedding VowsEric Mumper03-16-01  11:22 am
Translation: movementMary03-16-01  02:24 pm
Translation pleaseMary03-16-01  02:32 pm
I'm sorry, translation help please...Críos Ó hEachach03-17-01  01:50 am
Help with words and pronounciationGuy Bishop03-17-01  11:55 am
QuestLarry03-22-01  09:06 am
BRICK ?Kay03-19-01  01:41 pm
Rosary Prayers in Gaelicfionnuala04-03-01  09:27 am
Spell checkÓMurchú04-12-01  04:05 pm
Town?!!!Laighneach03-20-01  08:10 am
Help with MADDENING contradictions in Mutation!Seosamh Mac Bhl.03-21-01  12:14 pm
Help stop the confusion on "I love you" pleaseSeosamh03-21-01  12:40 pm
Which home course is bestSeosamh03-22-01  12:24 pm
 11-25-08  05:46 pm
The Position of Scottish GaelicLiam O Briain05-21-01  05:08 am
Mise toil meabhraigh a taibhreamh...Dennis03-22-01  03:02 pm
Information on one of the proverbsChris OBrien04-05-01  09:29 pm
Please help with translation0z_beachbum04-05-01  08:48 am
Could somebody please help with translating these lyrics ...Larry04-05-01  11:15 am
Seeking confirmationAmy10-06-01  03:03 pm
Gaelic for "For the glory and honor of God"ardfert06-28-01  12:04 pm
The Belmar St. Patrick's ParadeMaureen Connelly04-09-01  09:01 pm
Pronunciation of An Gorta Mór please--urgent.Seosamh02-28-01  11:59 am
siúil,siúil,siúil,a rúinJacqueline03-01-01  07:05 am
Phonetic Translation of Irish National AnthemRegina OSullivan04-16-01  04:27 pm
Need a translation into IrishAnne Sullivan04-08-01  01:06 am
House/apartmentLaighneach05-20-01  12:31 pm
Irish radio broadcast (New York City area and on the Web)Roibea/rd04-09-01  06:08 pm
An theaglachBocstaí04-21-01  04:34 pm
Forms of address in Irish?Seosamh04-10-01  11:57 am
Go ndéana Dia grásta ar d'anam, a Sheáin!Séamus Ó Dubhagáin04-13-01  08:43 pm
Irish medium services to city dwelling irish speakersSeosamh04-13-01  02:49 pm
Translation: "my only one"Wes DiIorio04-12-01  10:14 am
Irish speaking community in North Carolina,USAjames15 11-09-01  04:14 pm
McNally surname in GaelicSeosamh04-13-01  02:19 pm
Translating my sons nameDennis04-16-01  02:26 pm
Translation PleaseAnne Connell04-21-01  01:48 am
What is "Danny Boy" in Irish?Regina OSullivan04-19-01  03:57 pm
Connaught Irish for "High Cross" and "Round Tower"Dennis04-19-01  11:05 pm
Help with Lc. Oral translations please? Orals on monday!!!!Seosamh04-20-01  10:20 pm
Gaeilge/Irish in Universities in America/AbroadBocstaí04-21-01  04:32 pm
My Site-The Emerald IsleMartin04-28-01  01:30 pm
PLEASE, HELP ME!!Monica05-21-01  06:56 am
Aspiration/EclipsesSeosamh04-26-01  12:22 pm
Fara...Alan Ó hAoire05-21-01  10:27 am
Cáit Ní DhuibhirRath06-10-01  11:58 pm
Chaill mé mo fainne óirLaighneach05-18-01  03:46 pm
Daltaí Coming EventsLiam04-27-01  08:04 am
TranslationMartin04-28-01  01:27 pm
The meaning of "Erin go bragh"Piero Siri04-30-01  09:00 am
Phonetic Pronunciation Please...Larry04-30-01  04:30 pm
How do I say in Irish ...Larry06-06-01  11:19 am
Please translate these wordscazzbaldwin05-03-01  02:06 pm
Is it correct to say the Gaelic Language?Seosamh15 05-15-01  12:32 pm
Old Irish And Manx LanguagesLaighneach05-08-01  08:42 am
Chairde/CharaBrien Hoye05-03-01  12:57 am
Amazing site, must see for both fluent Irish speakers and BeginnersAlan Ó hAoire05-03-01  01:48 am
How would I say ... ?Len06-22-01  03:55 am
Learning Conversational GaeilicSeosamh06-21-01  04:27 pm
Gaelic translation of "unconquered"Dennis06-27-01  11:27 pm
Help with proverbKatharine Blackwell06-26-01  08:19 am
Bona Na CroinSeosamh Mac Muirí07-05-01  01:57 pm
DragonsSeosamh04-01-01  10:59 pm
Please help with a few words/ phrasesguy03-25-01  07:30 am
What does "Ce chaoi a bhfuil tu?" mean???Seosamh03-24-01  01:18 pm
Writing as GaeilgeAonghus03-27-01  03:15 am
Spelling of "Brian" and "Young Brian" into Gaelic!Máire Ní Ógáin03-27-01  05:28 am
Follow upGréagoír Ó hAodha03-30-01  10:59 am
Ceisteanna: Ó Siadhal ceacht uimhir 6 Al Evans01-02-03  05:18 pm
Tatoo'sRisteárd04-02-01  05:33 am
Translation help!Aonghus03-27-01  08:59 am
"Ní neart go cur le céile"Séamus Ó Dubhagáin03-28-01  04:57 pm
Seek for others ....Séamus ÓDubhagáin03-26-01  01:24 pm
Correct transaltion, spelling & pronunciation. rwood04-02-01  09:20 am
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