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Rhonda Corcoran ( -
Posted on Wednesday, January 17, 2001 - 10:20 pm:   Edit Post Print Post

Dia daobh!

I have written a dialog to share with a friend for study purposes and I'm pretty sure there are mistakes plus some phrases I just don't know. I would appreciate some help from anyone in correcting my errors from anyone interested in offering input. Go raibh maith agat in advance!


Person 1: Dia dhuit.
Siopadoir: Dia’s Muire dhuit!
P1: Cád é mar atá tú inniú?
S: Go maith, go raibh maith agat, Agus tú féin?
P1: Níl go dona, go raibh maith agat.
S: [How can I help you?]
P1: Téastaíonn rud éigin go lón. An bhfuil ceapairí agat?
S: Cinnte. Cén sort?
P1: Liamhás leis cáis.
S: Ceart go leor. Cé mhéad?
P1: [There are three of us, so 3 please]
S: Seo dhuit. Cad eile?
P1: Rud torthaí. An bhfuil úlla, piorraí , nó oraistí agat?
S: Tá.
P1: Tógfaidh mé gach ceann.
S: Aon rud eile?
P1: Trí cinn bhideal uisce agus sin uile. Cé mhéad?
S: 10 pound 50
P1: Seo dhuit.
S: Go raibh maith agat. An Meiriceánach tú?
P1: Tá. [My friends and I are traveling around Ireland].
S: An mhaith. [Enjoy your visit]
P1: Go raibh maith agat. Cá bhfuil pub leis ceol?
S: Tá Kelly’s an mhaith.
P1: Go raibh mile maith agat. Slán!
S: Tá failte romhat. Slán anois!

The English version of the text is:

Person 1: Hello
Shopkeeper: Hello
P1: How are you today?
S: Well, thank you. And you?
P1: Not bad, thank you.
S: How can I help you?
P1: I need some things for lunch. Do you have sandwiches?
S: Certainly, what kind?
P1: Ham and cheese, and also just cheese.
S: Yes, how many?
P1: There are 3 of us, so 2 cheese and 1 ham with cheese
S: Anything else?
P1: Some fruit. Do you have apples, pears, or oranges?
S: Yes, certainly.
P1: I’ll take one of each.
S: Something else?
P1: 3 bottles of water and that’s it. How much?
S: 10 pounds 50
P1: There you go.
S: Thank you. Are you American?
P1: Yes, my friends and I are traveling around Ireland.
S: Oh, very good. Enjoy your visit.
P1: Thank you. Is there a good pub with music at night here?
S: Kelly’s is very good.
P1: Thank you very much! Bye!
S: You’re welcome. Bye now!

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