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James, a charaBradford12-02-03  01:02 pm
Seán is a CommunistChekov12-02-03  02:14 am
Can you say...? OCG118 12-23-03  05:06 am
I'm an unhappy Irish personÉanna Mac Dúghlais118 12-22-03  09:34 am
Translation Help Please!Aonghus10-14-03  07:32 am
Hi theretwistedmurderdollie10-14-03  03:03 am
Slántetwistedmurderdollie10-13-03  03:13 am
Pronounciation and Spelling of Lovely Ladyphotogal10-13-03  12:38 am
Can someone check this for me?Seosamh Mac Muirí10-12-03  12:19 pm
Help with meaning?Seosamh Mac Muirí10-12-03  08:20 am
Deireadh Seachtaine GaeilgeSeosamh Mac Muirí10-11-03  11:12 am
Translation!--15 10-10-03  04:40 pm
Irish NameOliver Grennan10-09-03  07:45 pm
LinguisticsNicole82 10-08-03  12:28 pm
Translation for "The Loyal" or "Loyalty Until Death"Dimlu10-07-03  09:34 pm
Need a little encouragement!druniel23 10-06-03  09:49 am
TG4 Web TV!!!Seosamh Mac Muirí10-04-03  02:51 pm
I need your help for writing lyrics...Aonghus26 10-04-03  02:35 pm
Meaning of lenaDaithiSeosamh10-04-03  01:34 pm
BooksSeosamh Mac Muirí10-04-03  12:32 pm
Need correct spelling and english translationAonghus10-03-03  03:53 pm
Could you help...Aonghus10-03-03  04:10 am
"ag" or "a"?Dawn19 10-02-03  08:13 pm
Gaelscoil torched !Pól10-02-03  09:21 am
ManxOliver Grennan10-30-03  05:00 pm
Accurate Translation?Maidhc Ó G.14 10-30-03  01:41 pm
Manxdruniel10-30-03  09:54 am
Bioc?Larry29 10-29-03  07:33 am
Translation from the BibleMare10-28-03  04:28 pm
Help with a little PronunciationPAD10-26-03  07:42 pm
Help in a Small AreaOliver Grennan10-26-03  07:11 pm
Translation help needed - from English to Irish GaelicMarsha Rose10-24-03  02:07 pm
Basic Questions and such for begginnersAlsander137 10-23-03  11:12 pm
Hello, I'm new here :)...Michael Noonan11 10-23-03  10:58 pm
House namesMaidhc Ó G.10-23-03  01:06 pm
Help! Can someone help me with a translation and pronounciation?stiobhard10-22-03  10:04 pm
Comic book?Seeker10-22-03  02:00 am
Sentence Structure Pt 3Joe11 10-21-03  04:45 am
Online Gaeilge Tutorial?Seosamh Mac Muirí10-20-03  03:36 pm
Does anyone know what this word means?Mise10-20-03  12:48 pm
Can someone translate this phrase for me?Aonghus10-20-03  11:47 am
Alt an-spéisiúil/ article of historic import re Irish in US....Seosamh Mac Muirí10-20-03  10:06 am
Gaelic Translation of Last Name "Holden" Seosamh Mac Muirí10-18-03  09:15 am
Help!twistedmurderdollie11 10-17-03  03:04 am
Long Translation needed.. BC10-16-03  03:44 pm
Translation Please - for a kiwi from New ZealandTomás10-16-03  11:28 am
How difficult is it to teach yourself Irish?seamus omorain17 10-15-03  04:04 pm
"de thairbhe" versus "de dheasca"Aonghus10-15-03  04:03 am
Meet UpOliver Grennan10-14-03  07:52 pm
Irish influence on englishSeosamh Mac Murí59 10-14-03  12:27 pm
Hi theretwistedmurderdollie10-14-03  03:03 am
Can someone please help in the translationMaidhc Ó G.11-18-03  10:13 am
Phoenetic guide to Amhran na bhFianJohn McDevitt11-15-03  09:58 am
Basic thingsAA38 11-13-03  04:55 pm
A translation for an irish hostelAonghus11-13-03  11:46 am
AdviceJames26 11-13-03  05:29 am
Chp 4 Learning Irish Seosamh Mac Muirí11-10-03  08:43 am
Mar/Mara agus DháLarry11-10-03  08:10 am
Translation Help for name of Dancing School (Shining Stars in Gaeli...Larry11-10-03  05:03 am
Irish wall calendar?Karen Ham11-08-03  07:00 pm
An bhfuil ein duine ata Ghaeilge acu in Orlando?Oliver Grennan11-05-03  08:54 pm
Please HelpOliver Grennan10 11-05-03  08:51 pm
Student in distresslaura11-05-03  05:45 am
LONG WAITOliver Grennan11-04-03  07:57 pm
Fearthainn?Aonghus11-04-03  04:22 am
Hello all! Can someone help me with a character in my book?Maidhc Ó G.15 11-03-03  01:47 pm
Happy Christmas in Irishdruniel12-03-03  10:06 am
Languages on the NewsJonas12-03-03  03:13 am
Modern Irish as a "minor?"TJ11-30-03  11:25 pm
Been an ageÉanna Mac Dúghlais11-30-03  11:14 am
Comparing two things...Maidhc Ó G.11-29-03  03:51 pm
WelshJoe23 11-28-03  01:43 pm
Hoping for TranslationMike Ward11-26-03  11:13 pm
Numerous comments on discussionsLarry11-26-03  03:21 pm
PronunciationMaidhc Ó G.11-26-03  09:44 am
Declination of the irish languageJessica Ní Chonchúbh11-24-03  05:59 pm
How to write Salutations in IrishLarry14 11-24-03  09:55 am
Irish history, culture and language preservation forum:please joinBradford11-23-03  10:56 am
Travel and the irish languageSeosamh Mac Muirí11-23-03  10:25 am
Translation Help?erin scanlon11-21-03  10:27 pm
Southern and northern IrishScáthach Ní Riann11-21-03  09:10 pm
Irish political PartiesScáthach Ní Riann11-21-03  09:06 pm
Romantic TranslationLindsay11-21-03  08:24 pm
Tough translation-HelpAonghus11-21-03  07:08 am
Need help for translationSinéad11 11-20-03  12:58 pm
Confused about translationAonghus11-20-03  12:05 pm
Honoring "Herself," Ethel BroganSeosamh Mac Muirí11-20-03  07:15 am
Irish Language MovieTomas S.11-20-03  01:28 am
Seanfhocal dothuigthesixtoe11-19-03  11:28 am
Translation helpAonghus20 11-19-03  06:33 am
DillonPadraigin11-18-03  01:10 pm
Irish languageAonghus12-19-03  09:00 am
2 Translations PleaseAonghus12-19-03  04:08 am
Peter Donnelly.Jessica Ní Chonchúbh12-18-03  07:59 pm
Petition to Help an Irish man, PLEASE ALL READ!James11 12-18-03  09:36 am
How do you say this? By James YorkeAonghus12-18-03  09:20 am
Biologisch: Eigenlijk heel LogischAntóin12-18-03  03:07 am
TapesCaoimhín O'Cléirigh-12-17-03  11:45 pm
Seasons Greetings in Irish????Éanna Mac Dúghlais12-17-03  07:55 am
Origins of the name "Turley"Paul12-16-03  10:13 pm
Sceal beag.Jessica Ní Chonchúbh12-16-03  05:59 pm
If you have pride...Bradford12-15-03  10:06 pm
I have a questioncara12-15-03  09:46 pm
Article re Blackfoot language immersion programsPaul12-15-03  05:19 pm
Is the spelling Aodhagán commonly used?Maidhc Ó G.12-13-03  12:18 pm
PronunciationTomás12-12-03  12:42 pm
Software or tapes...Jonas11 12-12-03  12:29 pm
Translation please?Aonghus15 12-12-03  11:25 am
TranslationAonghus35 12-12-03  07:11 am
Incredible!!!Seosamh Mac Muirí18 12-11-03  09:51 am
The word for catechismAonghus12-11-03  04:44 am
I'm confused about something..Karen Ham19 12-08-03  11:37 pm
Does anyone have the Irish lyrics for "Searlas Og"?Karen Ham12-07-03  03:05 am
Little More HelpDion12-04-03  09:04 pm
Fáilte romhaibh go léir ar ais chun na Gaeilge a chairde. ...Seosamh Mac Muirí12 12-04-03  09:53 am
Learning Irish, chp 5Jim,NuaEabhrac12-03-03  06:54 pm
Name for Soft Coated Wheaten TerrierJames12-31-03  01:00 am
San Francisco Chronicle Article on the Irish Language Jessica Ní Chonchúbh12-25-03  06:22 pm
Nollaig shona dhuitJessica Ní Chonchúbh12-23-03  11:18 am
Site Make UpCaoimhín O'Cléirigh-12-22-03  10:06 pm
NamePAD12-22-03  10:03 pm
Name in GaeilgeÉanna Mac Dúghlais12-22-03  09:46 am
Translator online for Gaeilge, James YorkeÉ anna Mac Dúghlais12-22-03  09:23 am
More info on stalking wolf, James YorkeAonghus12-21-03  08:22 am
Nollaig Shona (Merry Christmas)Antóin12-21-03  04:55 am
TranslationAonghus12-19-03  09:51 am
Hi theretwistedmurderdollie10-14-03  03:03 am
Hello, I'm new here :)...Michael Noonan11 10-23-03  10:58 pm
How difficult is it to teach yourself Irish?seamus omorain17 10-15-03  04:04 pm
Alt an-spéisiúil/ article of historic import re Irish in US....Seosamh Mac Muirí10-20-03  10:06 am
Free your mindBradford23 11-29-03  08:24 pm
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