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Irish Infinitives?Seosamh Mac Muirí01-20-04  05:54 am
Several translationsAonghus01-20-04  04:20 am
Tá cabhair uainn (Help needed)Seosamh Mac Muirí10 01-17-04  05:31 am
Dialect CountSeosamh Mac Muirí01-17-04  05:22 am
HelloMurray20 01-17-04  01:45 am
I'm an unhappy Irish person - the sequel of the sequel!Jessica Ní Chonchúbh13 01-15-04  02:39 pm
Language HistoryMurray11 01-13-04  09:32 pm
"The" Paul Brady??Mare01-13-04  06:55 pm
Máire Mhac an tSaoiCormac Ó Donnaile01-12-04  03:47 pm
Am I on the right track?Gavin01-11-04  11:24 pm
Fógraí Dhaltaí (Announcements)Liam01-11-04  01:55 pm
Gaeilge Oifigiúil - Official Irish in the EUJonas10 01-10-04  09:11 am
Ulster ScotsJonas10 01-10-04  09:04 am
Resources for naiscoil teacher/leadershay01-07-04  10:50 pm
Conradh Na Gaeilge in North Carolina: Second InitiativePaul02-11-04  03:16 pm
February Imersion weekendBrigid_CloverMoon14 02-11-04  01:07 pm
Looking for sean nos lyricsAonghus02-10-04  04:27 am
Focal eile as "Tnúthán an Dúchais"Aonghus10 02-09-04  04:17 am
Unabridged Irish Dictionary?Aonghus02-09-04  04:16 am
Odd requestAntaine02-07-04  11:00 pm
"Peacefire"Cara02-07-04  09:07 pm
The Spider and the FlyElinor02-07-04  11:24 am
Children's book (from the last year)Lila02-06-04  07:25 pm
"behind"Aonghus02-06-04  04:25 am
Gaoth barra na dtonnAonghus02-06-04  04:22 am
Valentine's Day soon........!Larry02-05-04  12:53 pm
Help with Singing in IrishLarry02-04-04  08:13 am
Buntus on cdMichael McKenna02-02-04  09:55 pm
AlastroinaSeosamh Mac Muirí02-02-04  08:13 am
I'm confused about something (again..)Aonghus01-28-04  04:07 am
Etymology in Irish ( --Greek by another name?)Diarmuid01-27-04  11:38 am
Translation pleaseAonghus01-27-04  04:21 am
SeoJim,NuaEabhrac01-26-04  06:12 pm
Glór Bhréifne, Irish Conversation Group in CavanBocstaí01-26-04  01:21 pm
TeangeolaiochtColleen Dollard01-24-04  11:35 am
How do you say , please.Seosamh Mac Muirí01-24-04  05:00 am
Irish-language campsAonghus01-23-04  04:20 am
Irish Name by SteveSeosamh Mac Muirí01-21-04  06:45 am
Source for Gailige appointment calendar?Roibeárd02-22-04  04:53 pm
Ceol Kíla Jessica Ní Chonchúbh02-21-04  03:00 pm
Irish-Russian Vocabulary (i'm creating)Sinéad02-21-04  02:11 pm
Miracleworld SoftwareAlex Finn02-21-04  12:53 pm
ÁireamhFear na mBróg02-20-04  11:59 am
An Tuiseal GairmeachFear na mBróg02-20-04  11:58 am
Focal eile: "rúpálaí" Aonghus02-20-04  11:42 am
Focal eile: "cliobaire"Celtoid02-20-04  10:07 am
Please help!Fear na mBróg02-19-04  09:28 am
English to irishFear na mBróg34 02-19-04  09:28 am
Indo criticising Irish language again!Fear na mBróg02-19-04  09:25 am
Quick translation please help!Risteárd02-19-04  06:01 am
MediaOCG02-19-04  01:03 am
Na hóigekaiser_guy11 02-18-04  07:37 pm
Cúpla CeisteannaFear na mBróg02-18-04  03:05 pm
Irish/Latin Mass bookrath02-17-04  07:33 pm
RathBrigid_CloverMoon02-17-04  02:12 pm
Music Material in Gaelicdocahs22@hotmail.com02-17-04  09:28 am
TranslationAonghus02-17-04  07:31 am
Irregular verbs chartAonghus02-16-04  04:45 am
Is this love?Fear na mBróg02-15-04  03:35 pm
Focal eile: "toiliúna"Fear na mBróg02-15-04  03:28 pm
Is Óé irinn mé - How is this pronounced in English?...James02-14-04  04:42 pm
Gaelic for druidic ritualIs mise02-14-04  11:32 am
EmotionsAonghus02-12-04  04:12 am
Another Irish language forum on-line!!An Mdheach Mealltach03-05-04  11:07 am
Irish vowel chartLarry03-05-04  05:17 am
Song lyrics to gailgeMarkPonsonby03-04-04  10:46 pm
Deireadh Seachtaine le haghaidh cainteoirí líofaLiam03-03-04  11:55 pm
Padraig Pearse's Short storiesEd03-03-04  02:00 pm
Parade in Belmar, NJ - Help promote An Ghaeilgerath03-03-04  01:54 am
Plural for "blessing"Aonghus03-02-04  12:13 pm
Urgent translationLACAstronomer03-02-04  01:18 am
ImmigrationOssian18 02-28-04  09:45 pm
Breakdown of this Irish wordjane02-28-04  07:34 pm
HELP TO LEARN IRISH LANGUAGE !!!Antaine02-28-04  09:29 am
This forum is excellent. Thank you so very much.Ossian02-27-04  01:22 pm
Braithar Saor na hAimsire Caite... Séimhiú???Celtoid02-27-04  10:42 am
Focal eile "mítheán"Celtoid02-27-04  10:39 am
An English phrase based on Irish?Dennis Leyden02-25-04  01:17 pm
Focal eile: "spágaireacht"Aonghus02-25-04  12:22 pm
Dumb question...probably should know better by now...Antaine02-25-04  08:11 am
Deireadh Seachtaine Gaeilgemarc11 02-25-04  06:00 am
Simple Helpalex156 02-24-04  04:37 pm
Irish surname converted to gaelic spellingFear na mBróg02-24-04  08:39 am
Irish Gaelic speakers in NYCEleanor02-23-04  03:58 pm
Anam charaTomás02-23-04  01:11 pm
Help with pronunciationCeltoid02-23-04  10:42 am
Focal eile: "crinneadh"Celtoid02-23-04  10:20 am
Silly YanksAntaine40 02-23-04  12:43 am
Irish Language Font for Microsoft Word.Maidhc Ó G.18 03-22-04  08:57 am
Sligo Irish (in NYC area)Seosamh Mac Muirí03-22-04  07:29 am
Some simple help (I hope), pleaseFear na mBróg03-22-04  05:22 am
Does 'an' aspirate 's' and 't'?Fear na mBróg03-21-04  07:38 pm
Ranganna Oiche i gCorcaigh ?Fear na mBróg03-21-04  11:24 am
GendersFear na mBróg10 03-20-04  10:53 am
Cupla ceisteannaFear na mBróg03-19-04  02:07 pm
An old family sayingSéamas MacGabhann03-19-04  01:04 pm
Cad is brí don é seo?Aonghus03-19-04  12:11 pm
English to Irish translationAonghus03-18-04  04:16 am
Simple Help part IIAlex43 03-17-04  09:47 pm
Ok.... Hope this doesn't start a fued or anything. Scottish Gaelic?...James03-17-04  06:58 pm
Irish media's attitude towards IrishDáithí mag Fhionainn03-16-04  08:23 am
Hoping to teach in IrelandRisteárd03-16-04  05:24 am
First request from new member.Aonghus03-15-04  04:17 am
Irish to english translationAonghus13 03-15-04  04:14 am
The Evolution of LanguageJim,NuaEabhrac03-13-04  09:28 am
Surname pronunciationDoreen03-13-04  02:27 am
Mo sloinne as GaeilgeMaidhc Ó G.03-12-04  01:16 pm
Cad is brí don fhocail seo?OCG16 03-10-04  09:58 pm
No vs. UnAntaine16 03-10-04  09:31 pm
Thank You!Aonghus10 03-10-04  10:58 am
Mind your language, campaign urges Aonghus03-09-04  04:09 am
On Gael-Linn's "Gaeilge agus Failte"...?Bradford03-07-04  12:41 pm
The Growing Popularity of Irish Language Singers and Music GroupsLiam03-06-04  04:07 pm
PronunciationAonghus03-30-04  04:38 am
Objective caswe pronounsNoel Cotter23 03-29-04  03:35 pm
Pronunciation HelpJames26 03-29-04  01:34 pm
Verb conjugation & usageAonghus10 03-29-04  10:03 am
Teach Me Irish CD? Any thoughts?Joe03-28-04  04:24 pm
Is féidir / bheith ábaltaBradford14 03-28-04  08:43 am
Help needed short phrase translated...........03-26-04  09:09 pm
Daltaí agus DailtíníFear na mBróg03-26-04  12:34 pm
Translation assistance pleaseFear na mBróg25 03-26-04  12:31 pm
Tattoo Translationmiss sinclair10 03-26-04  10:56 am
Márta a Fhios AgatConor03-26-04  08:31 am
Ceist eile.....Fear na mBróg18 03-26-04  05:45 am
Gramadach na GaeilgeFear na mBróg03-26-04  05:15 am
Euphemism for..........Aonghus03-26-04  04:09 am
QuestionAonghus03-25-04  07:49 am
Conditional MoodFear na mBróg19 03-25-04  03:00 am
Phrase/name translationFear na mBróg03-24-04  03:08 pm
Ar an eolasAonghus03-24-04  09:41 am
Information neededFear na mBróg03-23-04  04:30 pm
Sí Bheag, Sí Mhor lyrics pronounciationIvan Plis03-23-04  03:55 pm
Scrabble as GaeilgeIvan Plis25 03-23-04  03:41 pm
Slang do Blea Cliath as Ghaeilge!Fear na mBróg03-23-04  07:54 am
Prayer in gaelicPaul03-22-04  07:07 pm
Cad e an Ghaeilge do 'tatoo'?Fear na mBróg03-22-04  10:36 am
A bit of translation help needed...Fear na mBróg03-22-04  10:31 am
JoyceAonghus45 03-31-04  03:12 am
Muinteoiri Deireadh Seachtaine na Gaeikge Toronto Mairin Padgett03-30-04  11:09 am
Muinteoiri Deireeadh Seachtaine na Gaeilge Toronto ON.Mairin Padgett03-30-04  10:59 am
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