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Translation help please!Maidhc Ó Gáibhtheach82 02-20-03  10:25 am
A consoling quote...Phil23 03-31-03  01:21 pm
Song translationAonghus03-31-03  03:49 am
Thanks for song translationTom Sinclair03-30-03  11:22 pm
Just a thankyouSanta03-30-03  06:52 pm
Translation of pleasantries to end our Gathering, pleaseAonghus03-30-03  04:17 pm
Two many celtic translations for one namePhil03-30-03  09:53 am
Salutation to close a letterodriscoll17 03-29-03  11:20 pm
Song lyrics translatedStephanie03-29-03  08:40 am
Firefighter translation neededSeosamh03-28-03  03:00 pm
Translation of Gaeilge wordPhil03-28-03  01:39 pm
Help w/Gaeilge Translations Please!!!!Aonghus03-28-03  04:08 am
Translation pleaseMairead Swindal03-27-03  11:15 am
"The World Says No to War" as gaeilge?Aonghus35 03-27-03  04:24 am
Irish Spoken at the OscarsMéabh03-26-03  07:32 pm
Micheal O Ruaircshay03-26-03  04:58 pm
Need help with a translation/grammarAonghus03-26-03  03:39 pm
Please be politeCaoimhín O'Cléirigh 03-25-03  08:00 pm
Irish name for football team suggestions....pleasejames03-25-03  01:51 pm
Jack the elderJen10 03-24-03  02:54 pm
Irirh Film re Story Telling in DonegalSiobhán03-24-03  08:30 am
Corney? yes... :( but help, le do thoil...Phil03-23-03  03:48 pm
Learning irish language on-linePhil03-23-03  03:47 pm
Help with pronunciation?Phil11 03-23-03  03:45 pm
Irirsh movies????Phil03-23-03  03:09 pm
Tuisil : tuiseal ginideach nó aidiacht? Cad é an difríocht!?...Phil03-23-03  03:02 pm
Learning irish language on-linegrazyna03-21-03  01:32 pm
Tír Chonaill vs Dún na nGallAonghus03-21-03  09:01 am
French = rat?!?!Seosamh Mac Muirí11 03-20-03  05:31 am
Another article, this time a bit more hopefulPaul03-19-03  02:00 pm
Gaeilge DrillsCanuck03-19-03  01:48 pm
An American WakeSiobhan03-19-03  04:52 am
Translation, le do thoilPhil03-18-03  02:32 pm
Happy St. Patrick's Day Aonghus14 03-18-03  12:27 pm
Grá Geal Mo Chroísiobhan03-16-03  06:51 pm
Translation please? ( ! )Phil03-16-03  07:57 am
Help Needed with "The Fourth"Mary E. Collins03-15-03  05:25 pm
Pronunciation of Cead mile failte?siobhán11 03-15-03  01:35 pm
Translation please.Oliver Grennan29 03-14-03  07:44 pm
Help, translationOliver Grennan03-14-03  07:43 pm
Sragh na manraghLiam03-14-03  06:39 pm
Conradh Na Gaeilge in North CarolinaJames15 03-14-03  05:30 pm
"Skinhead", "Skinbird" and "Bootboy" in Gaelige?...P.03-14-03  04:04 pm
New Mysteries of Rosary (Luminous)John Fallon03-14-03  03:32 pm
Help with ideas for a gaelic name!Oliver Grennan10 03-13-03  08:05 pm
Irish in America or Canadaursula12 03-13-03  02:57 pm
How do you say?Oliver Grennan55 03-12-03  10:37 pm
Eclipsis clarification más é do thoil éBradford03-12-03  03:34 pm
Athrú mór ar an saol in ÉirinnAonghus03-12-03  07:48 am
Confusion over Tá agus IsPhil03-11-03  03:13 pm
Translation question: Finnegan's Waketaseck103-11-03  12:03 pm
"Swampoodle"?Pádraig Mac G.03-11-03  10:09 am
Online Irish CourseAonghus03-10-03  09:15 am
Ar versus An with VerbsKay Uí Chinnéide03-09-03  09:18 am
Gangs of NYFiach03-08-03  04:17 pm
Seachtain na Gaeilge 10 17 Márta 2003Bocstaí03-08-03  01:06 pm
Translation pleaseMaidhc Ó G21 03-08-03  12:13 pm
Am I on the right track?Phil21 03-07-03  04:50 pm
DoingPhil17 03-07-03  04:35 pm
Article re the Gaeltachts in National Geographicmax matthews03-07-03  05:42 am
Irish Language Film "Aqua" Opens in NYCOliver Grennan03-07-03  01:52 am
O Hairy OneDion03-06-03  09:13 pm
Dia DuitPádraig Mac G.03-06-03  01:55 am
What about this one.......Risteárd03-06-03  01:08 am
Pronunciation of VerbsOliver Grennan03-05-03  07:41 pm
One Word TranslationBrowyn03-05-03  05:35 pm
New daily newspaper in Irish !!Oliver Grennan03-04-03  08:54 pm
NewPádraig Mac G.25 03-02-03  04:24 pm
Deireadh Seachtaine - Cainteoirí LíofaOliver Grennan03-01-03  07:30 pm
Translation of my NameBradford03-01-03  08:02 am
AistriughadhOliver Grennan02-28-03  08:05 pm
Name translationOliver Grennan02-28-03  08:03 pm
Translation PleaseWilliam02-28-03  07:18 pm
TranslationSeámus02-28-03  06:22 pm
The Royal National ModMichael Noonan02-28-03  10:34 am
Dialects and beginners...max matthews02-28-03  03:13 am
How many Joes?Pádraig Mac G.02-27-03  07:12 pm
Gan do leithidAonghus02-27-03  06:32 am
Cor CainteMarcia02-26-03  04:04 pm
Comparison of Language and Thought (Semantics)Ciara O Rourke02-26-03  01:11 am
Help Support An Ghaeilge !!Oliver Grennan02-25-03  09:14 pm
How do you pronounce Cuchulain?alec113 02-25-03  07:51 pm
FadasOliver Grennan02-25-03  07:42 pm
Help with salutation.Maidhc Ó G02-25-03  05:46 pm
Irish in shops...Max Matthews02-25-03  12:21 pm
Copula eclipsis lenitionP.02-25-03  09:21 am
Any information on TrÛcaire? Jen02-24-03  09:07 am
More about learning the language...Pádraig Mac G.02-23-03  10:35 pm
Need of some translations ASAP.SHAY02-23-03  12:56 pm
Irish conversation requestedMax Matthews02-22-03  06:23 am
WHY ARE YOU LEARNING GAEILGE??antemil33 02-21-03  05:39 pm
Cad focail atá "Funny Farm"?Fintan02-21-03  05:16 pm
Looking for a teacherJames02-21-03  10:30 am
Translation for the children bookjames50 02-21-03  10:21 am
One more thingAntóin02-21-03  06:29 am
Padraigin Ni Uallachain and Len Graham in NJPaul02-20-03  03:07 pm
What poem is it?sinead moore02-20-03  12:37 pm
Online grammar and reading for someone who studied Irish at schooljames02-20-03  11:49 am
Translation neededAonghus02-20-03  11:35 am
Need tranlation for recently deceased friendFintan13 02-19-03  07:53 pm
Someone MUST help me - translationPádraig Mac G.02-18-03  04:35 pm
Help - need a Gaelic Valentine Translation James15 02-17-03  11:16 pm
Grammar ResourceJames02-17-03  11:09 pm
Please can u help??gillian02-17-03  07:49 am
Translation of namesTomas OCathain13 02-16-03  03:09 pm
Distance learning (Irish)Tomas OCathain02-16-03  10:23 am
BBC series "The Celts"Seosamh02-14-03  05:04 pm
SeanghaeilgeOliver Grennan02-13-03  08:08 pm
HELP!!Toni02-09-03  04:04 pm
Translation of OLD IRISH document from 1650'sc. frederick02-07-03  07:54 pm
Best language resource for Munster Irish?Seosamh02-07-03  03:24 pm
Oideas GaelPádraig Mac Gafraidh02-07-03  01:39 am
Ca bhuil G. anois?Beth02-06-03  09:49 pm
Verb QuestionOliver Grennan02-05-03  12:08 am
Translation please MelissaTank02-03-03  05:32 pm
"Gangs of NY" agus an GhaeilgeJames11 02-03-03  04:54 pm
Irish Nouns Driving me InsaneSeosamh Mac Muirí02-03-03  07:51 am
That "go" thing?Aonghus02-03-03  04:25 am
IMMEDIATE TRANSLATION HELP NEEDED!!!Aonghus24 02-02-03  07:12 am
Gaeilge in Ottawa, CanadaJenny OBrien02-01-03  08:26 pm
What keyboard do you use to type Irish/Gaeilge?Mike11 01-24-03  10:49 pm
Gaelic helpMichael Noonan01-23-03  09:12 pm
UniqueHilda Smith01-22-03  09:53 pm
Conversation groups in Northern California?Greg01-22-03  11:21 am
Veni, Vidi, Vici??Oliver Grennan01-21-03  10:24 pm
Beginner's question about readingJames11 01-21-03  04:55 pm
Source for reading material 'as Gaeilge'?Doreen Ford Bruscell01-21-03  02:07 pm
Confused about a definitionAonghus01-21-03  04:09 am
Viewed the archives...still need help with translationrhonda corcoran01-20-03  10:46 pm
Ar chor/ar chor ar bith?Doreen Ford Bruscell01-18-03  02:25 pm
Aistriú le do thoilSeosamh Mac Muirí01-17-03  03:45 am
In need of a translatorAonghus12 01-16-03  04:52 am
Grammar help, please.Mike13 01-15-03  01:29 am
Pronunciation Of "Antaine"Oliver Grennan15 01-14-03  09:11 pm
Dea-scéala na foilsitheoireachtaSeosamh Mac Muirí01-14-03  08:52 am
Brendan: the original spelling and pronounciationLúcas Ó Catháin11 01-13-03  10:45 pm
Censorship Of IrishAntaine01-12-03  07:53 am
Unwanted Irish language BooksBocstaí01-11-03  05:44 pm
Fúm agus focal eilejames01-10-03  11:41 am
FlashlangJames01-09-03  09:38 am
FadasMichael Noonan01-08-03  10:09 pm
Standardized Pronunciation GuideSeosamh Mac Muirí01-08-03  05:49 am
"Skatchuda"!?Mike01-06-03  03:03 pm
Dialects.Michael Noonan01-05-03  09:52 am
Rockland County, New YorkMichael Noonan01-04-03  03:18 pm
Translation of «Hopes feed Dreams ... Dreams feed Hopes» in Irish...Michael Noonan01-04-03  03:08 pm
Need help how do you say this in irish.connloadh01-03-03  05:27 pm
Ceisteanna: Ó Siadhal ceacht uimhir 6 Al Evans01-02-03  05:18 pm
The meaning of FECKPádraig Maac Gafraid30 02-01-03  10:17 am
Salutation to close a letterodriscoll17 03-29-03  11:20 pm
UniqueHilda Smith01-22-03  09:53 pm
Help with salutation.Maidhc Ó G02-25-03  05:46 pm
Grammar help, please.Mike13 01-15-03  01:29 am
Translation neededAonghus02-20-03  11:35 am
Ceisteanna: Ó Siadhal ceacht uimhir 6 Al Evans01-02-03  05:18 pm
Grammar help, please.Mike13 01-15-03  01:29 am
UniqueHilda Smith01-22-03  09:53 pm
Translation neededAonghus02-20-03  11:35 am
Help with salutation.Maidhc Ó G02-25-03  05:46 pm
Salutation to close a letterodriscoll17 03-29-03  11:20 pm
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