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Mol an lá um thránóna.

Praise the day in the evening.

Note: This popular proverb has been encapsulated in the English expression, "At the end of the day, ..." Do not be hasty to praise or even comment on an event, a life, or a period of time while it is in progress. It could change later and make you wrong.

  • Mol an latha math mu oidhche. -- Scots Gaelic
  • Moyle y laa mie fastyr (mu fheasgar). -- Manx
  • Ruse the fair day at night. -- Scots
  • Praise day and night, and life at the end. -- English
  • La vita il fine e 'l dì loda la sera -- Italian
  • Schönen Tag soll man loben, wenn es Nacht ist. -- German

Perhaps, Alexander Pope said it best. "Some praise at morning what they blame at night, But always think the last opinion right." An Essay on Criticism. 1711.

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