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Cnuasaithe ag Donncha ÓBroin; An Dámhscoil Nua
(Compiled by Donncha ÓBroin; The New Bardic School)

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Chomh saibhir le Déamar As rich as Déamar
(rich, historical person)

Chomh salach le poll As dirty as a hole
salach=dirty, poll=hole
Chomh sámh le liamhán gréine As tranquil as a basking shark
(Fishermen off the west coast of Ireland often come upon basking sharks asleep on the surface of the water, enjoying the summer weather;
whence the English name basking shark)
sámh=tranquil, liamhán gréine=basking shark
Chomh saothrach le beach As industrious as a bee
saothrach=industrious, beach=bee
Chomh sárlíonta le bairille As well-filled as a barrel
sárlíonta=well-filled, bairille=barrel (which can be filled to the brim)
Chomh sásta le bolg lán As contented as a full belly
sásta=satisfied/contented, bolg=belly, lán=full
Chomh sásta le diúc As contented as a duke
sásta=satisfied/contented, diúc=duke
Chomh sásta le píobaire As contented as a piper (i.e., as pleased as can be)
sásta=contented, píobaire=piper
Chomh sásta le rí As contented as a king
sásta=satisfied/contented, rí=king
Chomh scartha is atá an adharc leis an muc As seperate as the horn is from the pig
scartha=seperated, adharc=horn, muc=pig
Chomh sean leis an gceo As old as the fog
sean=old, ceo=fog/mist
Chomh sean le hOisín As old as Oisín
Oisín=hero of the Fianna who went to Tír na nOg with Niamh for three hundred years
Chomh sean leis an Chailleach Bhéarra As old as Cailleach Bhéarra
sean=old, Cailleach Bhéarra=Hag of Beare (mythological old woman famous for her great age)
Chomh seang le luch As lean/meagre as a mouse
seang=lean/meagre, luch=mouse
Chomh searbh le domlas As bitter as bile
(Irish Bible)

searbh=bitter, domlas=bile
Chomh seargtha le giota adhmaid As withered as a piece of wood
(Irish Bible)

seargtha=dry/withered, giota=piece, adhmad=wood
Chomh seascair le luichín i stáca As snug as a little mouse in a stack of hay
seascair=snug, luch=mouse, luichín=little mouse, stáca=stack of hay
Chomh slán leis an mbradán As healthy as a salmon
slán=well/healthy, bradán=salmon (the salmon and trout are regarded as the symbol of health in Irish-speaking culture)
Chomh sleamhain le heascann As slippery as an eel
sleamhain=slippery, eascann=eel
Chomh sleamhain le heascann cochallach i bpota uisce As slippery as a hooded eel (type of eel) in a pot of water
eacann cochallach=type of eel, pota uisce=pot of water
Chomh smeartha le n-aprún búistéara As smeared/smudged as a butcher's apron
smeartha=smeared, aprún=apron, búistéir=butcher
Chomh socair le cat As calm as a cat
socair=calm/quiet, cat=cat
Chomh socair le lao na bó As calm as the cow's calf (i.e., as good as gold)
socair calm/quiet, lao=calf, bó=cow
Chomh socair le huan As calm as a lamb (i.e., as good as gold)
socair=calm/quiet, uan=lamb
Chomh soiléir le cac ar do léine As clear as excrement on your shirt
(rude or humorous statement)

cac=excrement, léine=shirt
Chomh soiléir le grian an mheán lae As clear as the midday sun
soiléir=clear, grian=sun, meán lae=midday
Chomh sona le cuach i nead a comharsan As happy a a cuckoo in the nest of it's neighbour
sona=happy, cuach=cuckoo, nead=nest, comharsa=neighbour
Chomh státúil le fia As stately le a deer
státúil=stately, fia=deer
Chomh stuama le breitheamh As sober as a judge
stuama=sober/sensible, breitheamh=judge
Chomh suaimhneach le cill As peacful/quiet as a graveyard
suaimhneach=peaceful, cill=graveyard
Chomh suaimhneach le luchógaí beaga As peacful/quiet as mice
suaimhneach=peaceful, luchógaí beaga=mice

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Chomh taisfhuar le taobh na huaighe As cold as the side of the grave
(said of a sick person's hand or body)

taisfhuar is a compound of tais (=damp) and fuar (=cold), uaigh=grave
Chomh tanaí le habhlann As thin as a wafer
tanaí=thin, abhlann=wafer
Chomh tanaí le duilleog eidhinn As thin as an ivy leaf
tanaí=thin, duilleog=leaf, eidheann=ivy
Chomh tapaidh le splanc As quick as a flash
tapaidh=quick, splanc=flash/spark
Chomh te bruite le caiscín ar ghrideall As roasting hot as a wholemeal cake on a griddle
(of person)

te=hot, bruite=roasted/cooked, caiscín=oatmeal cake, grideall=griddle
Chomh te leis an tine As hot as the fire
te=hot, tine=fire
Chomh te teolaí le hubh i dtóin circe As warm and comfortable as an egg in a hen¹s behind

te=hot, teolaí=warm/comfortable, tóin=bottom/posterior, circe=genitive of "cearc" (hen)
Chomh teann le cloch As firm as a stone
(Irish Bible)

teann=firm/tight, cloch= stone/rock
Chomh teann le comhairleoir dlí As tight(lipped) as a legal advisor
(said in phrase "odhún sí a béal chomh teann le comhairleoir dlí")

teann=tight, comairleoir=advisor, dlí=law
Chomh teann le téad fidile As tight as a fiddle string
teann=tight, téad=string/rope, fidil=fiddle
Chomh tinn le cú As sick as a hound
tinn=sick, cú=hound
Chomh tinn le neascóid As sore as a boil
tinn=sore/sick, neascóid=boil
Chomh tirim le coirt crainn As dry as the bark of a tree
(said of lips)

tirim=dry, coirt=bark, crann=tree
Chomh tirim le fásach As dry as a desert
(Irish Bible)

tirim=dry, fásach=desert
Chomh tirim le feadóg As dry as a whistle
tirim=dry, feadóg=whistle
Chomh tirim le púdar As dry as powder
tirim=dry, púdar=powder
Chomh tirim le snaois As dry as snuff
tirim=dry, snaois=snuff
Chomh tirim le sprís As dry as tinder
tirim=dry, sprís=dry twigs/tinder
Chomh tiubh le clár As thick as a plank/board
tiubh=thick, clár=board/plank
Chomh tiubh le gaineamh an trá As thick/plentiful as the sand of the beach
tiubh=thick/plentiful, gaineamh=sand, trá=beach
Chomh tiubh le sail scafa As thick as a planed beam (approx 9 ins.)
tiubh=thick, sail=beam, scafa=past participle of "scamh" (to peel or plane)
Chomh tráthúil le bille bainc As punctual as a bankbill
tráthúil=punctual/timely (from tráth=hour/time), bille=bill, banc=bank
Chomh tréan le múr clocha sneachta As plentiful or frequent as a shower of hail stones
(said of blows)

tréan=plentiful, múr=shower, clocha sneachta=hail stones
Chomh tréan le sprémhóin As plentiful as old turf
tréan=plentiful; sprémhóin=useless, leftover turf or turf dust, of which there is usually a lot
Chomh trom le cloch As heavy as a stone
trom=heavy, cloch=stone
Chomh trom le cnap miotail As heavy as a lump of metal
trom=heavy, cnap=lump, miotal=metal
Chomh tuartha le gé ghoir As washy as a brooding goose
tuartha="washy"/whitened, gé=goose, gor=broodiness/heat
Chomh tuirseach le seanchapall As tired as an old horse
tuirseach=tired, sean=old, capall=horse

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Chomh húr le geamhar féir As fresh as springing shoots of grass
(Irish Bible)

úr=fresh, geamhar=springing shoot, féar=grass
Chomh húr le nóinín As fresh as a daisy
úr=fresh, nóinín=daisy

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