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Story Glossary
Posted: 13 April 2018 03:09 PM   Ignore ]  
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Hi! I’m writing a story and script, so I want to make sure that the words I’m using are correct. I was referred here by James Pelow at Snasta when I was looking to purchase a translation, as I believe (?) I’m looking for Old Irish and it turns out he specializes in contemporary Irish. I’m hoping you all might be open to helping me, and thank you for your time!

These are the Irish words that I will be using:

aes sídhe - people of the mounds
Airgetlám - silver hand/arm (of Nuada)
Sluagh - horde - (is this Old Irish?)

It’s come to my attention that there are different forms and spelling of the Irish Gaelic language. I’m looking for the form/dialect/time period that matches the above terms. Are they Old Irish? Contemporary Irish with pre-spelling-reform spellings? What are the above and do they all agree / come from the same linguistic background?

The glossary of terms I’m needing to confirm as
  1) correct and
  2) following the same Irish form as above
are as follows:

Translations I have found online:

• ánanma - couple, as in handfastings
• násad - assembly
• An Ancaire - the anchorite
• An tArdsagart - the high priest
• Mingary - the quiet place
• Forosnai - illuminated / that which illuminates
• argat - silver (is this a noun?)
• clann - descendents, offshoots
• Clann Nuada - or would it be Clann Nuad?
• Slane - Dian Checht’s well (is this a noun?)

Translations I have had done for me:

• An Sídhean - the fairy mounds
• An Rudalann - the human realm / “the place of things”
• cineál rudaí - humanity / “the race of things”
• an fiáin - “the wild” (is there any subtext to this translation?)


• Imbolc / Samhain / Bealtaine / Lugnasad - do all these agree in form?
• For the Old Irish, should it be ogam or ogham?

And lastly, an odd one—

• I read that the Unseelie Court and Seelie Court’s names stem from Scottish seilie... is there an Irish version, or would those be the same due to culture sharing?

Thank you so much again for all of your help!