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NEW Irish Language in America video recently released on YouTube
Posted: 02 October 2017 08:26 PM   Ignore ]  
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Irish Language in America video recently released on YouTube with participation from a number of people involved in the teaching/promoting of the Irish Language in New England plus members of the Irish Classes at Fairfield, CT Gaelic American club.

Allison Wetterauw did the video as part of her masters in communications at Sacred Heart University with features significant participation of students and teachers from the Irish Classes at our club. The video can be found on YouTube at:

You’re also likely to see more of Allison, as she’s interested in all things Irish. You can read a little about Allison and her interests on the following web page, where she also talks about her time competing in the Rose of Tralee in Ireland: http://publicaffairs.cua.edu/success-stories/allison-wetterauw.cfm (Allison is currently looking for a position in Administration or Production at a media company.)

Heads-up: The video itself only has a few lines of Irish in it, but may be of general interest to people in this forum.

(Apologies if this should have gone in Announcements sections or if its considered inappropriate for this forum.)