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Teanga in Ulster
Posted: 14 July 2020 04:27 PM   Ignore ]  
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Hi. I was wondering what the Ulster pronunciation of the genitive of “teanga” is in Ulster. I’m assuming it’s also “CHAHNG•ee”...since the standard is spelled the same. And is the plural/plural genitive also pronounced different from the standard spelling “teangacha“? Thanks if you know! 👍🏼

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In the speech of older native speakers, I think it’s like this:
Nominative and dative singular : teangaidh
Genitive singular: teangtha (pronounced as if “teanca”)
Nominative and dative plural: teangthacha (pronounced as if “teancacha” : chahng-kah-huh)
Genitive plural: teangthach (pronounced as if “teancach”: chahng-cahh)

It might be different in the speech of younger speakers, quite often, declensions are simplified and may also be influenced by school/media Irish…


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