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Translation helpTomás07-15-04  05:19 pm
17 year old Aussie wanting to learn Irish!Damian Horne07-16-04  03:41 am
Cad é an focal Gaeilge ar "mulch"?Celtoid07-16-04  07:23 am
Teaching kids language while their young...Nina07-16-04  12:57 pm
Let me.........Fear na mBróg07-16-04  01:15 pm
"ag cur áilleacht ar an domhan"Fear na mBróg07-17-04  09:07 am
"just"Fear na mBróg07-17-04  09:11 am
Would my name change in Gaeilge?Luke07-17-04  02:57 pm
Dea-sgéal do lucht na Gaedhilge!!!!Daithí Mac Lochlainn07-19-04  06:48 am
Gaelic proverb HELP!!!Fear na mBróg07-19-04  01:22 pm
Could really use a translation for an wedding band....any takers ?Celtoid07-22-04  07:07 am
Learning Irish, Chp 8JimNuaEabhrac10 07-23-04  06:18 am
Dán an tSamhraidhConor07-23-04  07:15 am
Help!!!Amanda10 07-24-04  09:55 am
Phrase for t-shirtOCG07-25-04  03:54 pm
Ceist bheag amhain...Fear na mBróg07-26-04  05:40 am
"roinne"?Celtoid32 07-26-04  07:20 am
Learning Irish, ch. 33Fear na mBróg07-26-04  08:58 am
Forums will be offline on Friday EveningCaoimhín O'Cléirigh-07-28-04  09:52 pm
Irish phonemesJonas07-29-04  05:15 am
Help on learning q-celticJames20 07-29-04  08:55 am
Interesting article on what learning a language is.....(I hope)...Nina07-29-04  12:06 pm
Gaeilge agus Gaidhlig agus GaelgFear na mBróg07-30-04  09:27 am
The difference between 'Is ' and Tá séFear na mBróg40 07-30-04  03:36 pm
Conduct and Participants on Daltaí na GaeilgeEagla na heagla11 07-30-04  04:56 pm
Can somebody please help?Naoise07-31-04  09:30 pm
Inis Dom Question...John08-02-04  01:46 am
Name translation, etc.Fear na mBróg08-02-04  07:06 pm
UFOIHS08-02-04  09:15 pm
CalendarAonghus08-03-04  09:18 am
Happy birthday?Mike08-03-04  05:22 pm
TranslationIHS08-03-04  08:52 pm
RnaGPaul08-03-04  10:27 pm
Gaelic Language Reader Fear na mBróg08-04-04  06:29 am
Learning Irish Ch. 4Cormac Ó Donnaile08-04-04  06:41 am
Fifth Language and Politics Symposium - Queen's University BelfastChris Dixon08-04-04  06:51 am
Need a translation of a Bible verseLarry08-04-04  01:47 pm
Help pleaseLarry08-05-04  01:45 pm
Need help identifying Bhean tsleibhe ag caoineadh a mhicFear na mBróg08-05-04  04:51 pm
Forums will be offline most of the weekendCaoimhín O'Cléirigh-08-05-04  09:45 pm
Dialects (again)Jonas60 08-06-04  04:09 am
So I was bhi me ag caint..Tomás11 08-06-04  10:46 am
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