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Italian to Gaelic.....Antóin07-15-03  12:19 pm
How to pronounce the name PadraigPAD12 07-14-03  08:31 pm
I really need help for this...Fraoch Pietersen11 07-14-03  07:13 pm
Vocative QuestionSeosamh07-14-03  05:23 pm
Help with Siadhail's tables/copulaSeosamh07-14-03  02:36 pm
In the Donegal IrishJoe23 07-13-03  09:27 pm
Help with aspirationJoe Newton07-13-03  01:59 pm
Translation for "charm"?Maidhc Ó G.31 07-13-03  01:54 pm
Help for New Grandma/GrandpaJames07-13-03  07:33 am
Please translate for me! Thanksdruniel25 07-11-03  04:58 pm
A Little Conversational Irish HelpSeosamh Mac Muirí07-11-03  06:12 am
Irish spellingJames07-10-03  01:38 am
Appropriate phrase for one's passingPAD07-09-03  10:10 pm
How do you say Father in irish???James07-09-03  02:00 pm
Translation James07-09-03  02:30 am
Anyone else learning without an instructor? Some advice please!Seosamh Mac Muirí07-08-03  10:36 am
Translation pleaseLinda Boyle Ledford07-07-03  02:52 pm
Lyric translation for a birthday giftCearuil07-07-03  02:25 pm
Amhrán as Gaeile ar an PlaystationAilill07-06-03  09:17 pm
Northern pronunciation questionRisteárd07-06-03  08:22 pm
Need help pronouncing an Irish first nameÓs Íseal11 07-06-03  03:47 pm
How many people in Ireland can speak Irish?Eíbhlin51 07-05-03  07:44 pm
DUBLINEíbhlin27 07-05-03  07:09 pm
Gaeilge in dublinEíbhlin07-05-03  06:29 am
Blessings and Toasts for friendship and Wedding/MarriageMaidhc Ó G.07-04-03  03:03 pm
Flagh Mor?Paul08-03-03  02:45 am
Anyone from the West of Ireland?Oliver Grennan08-02-03  04:29 am
Pimsleur For New StudentMcCoy08-01-03  01:29 pm
Wolf as GaeilgeAonghus07-31-03  07:58 am
Mo chairde nuaDawn13 07-31-03  12:53 am
Foinse still there?Will07-30-03  10:05 pm
Why UsLiam Ó Briain18 07-30-03  05:15 pm
I miss you??Oliver Grennan07-29-03  10:34 pm
Another translation pleasePádraig Ó Tuathchair07-29-03  09:53 pm
Mo , do , a etc.miriam loraditch07-28-03  08:28 pm
English name to GaelicTomas07-28-03  07:20 pm
Need traslation! Help!!!Aonghus07-28-03  05:15 am
Help please with translation and pronounciationAodh07-27-03  04:21 pm
Irish musicBeth07-26-03  10:17 pm
Translation of business cardSeáinín07-26-03  09:27 pm
Any Suggestions For a TripSeosamh Mac Muirí07-24-03  10:51 am
Surname means "small skirt" ?Mary Ann Geier07-23-03  12:17 pm
Quick TranslationTomas07-22-03  01:04 am
Barra Ó DonnabháinMaureen Connelly07-21-03  09:27 pm
Pronunciation of Ghrian?Erica07-20-03  03:21 pm
Story titleJeredin07-19-03  05:03 pm
Adjective anarchy!Antóin07-18-03  02:53 pm
Ag Lorg LeabharBrien Hoye07-17-03  04:40 pm
Grammar question..Maidhc Ó G.07-17-03  09:06 am
Song helpAntaine08-30-03  04:25 am
How would I say. and write..........Jeredin17 08-27-03  09:19 am
Blessing in ulster dialectLarry08-26-03  01:28 pm
Childhood Explination...alec108-23-03  06:29 pm
A bit of news re Gaeilge from the Belfast TelegraphJames08-22-03  02:07 am
Tree pronunciationPAD08-21-03  09:36 pm
'A'clare11 08-20-03  06:13 am
Translations, please, any help much appreciated.James08-19-03  06:34 am
Siobhan or siobhansiobhan h08-16-03  05:30 am
Iarthar/OirthearDawn08-15-03  10:40 pm
Maith thuOliver08-15-03  10:10 pm
Language exchange: galizan/portuguese and spanishOliver Grennan08-14-03  12:48 pm
Southern Irish?Aonghus08-13-03  09:19 am
Could anyone translate this wee phrase for me? (English > Irish)...feline112 08-12-03  02:05 pm
Go Raibh Maith AgaibhDawn24 08-10-03  12:10 am
Naming a sailboatDonald Conry08-08-03  10:22 pm
Help with a quoteJohn08-08-03  02:00 pm
Honours Irish repeat Leaving Cert by nitePaul08-08-03  09:12 am
A humorous "blessing"Maidhc Ó G.08-07-03  05:53 pm
Direct and indirect object pronouns (plus lyric question)Cáit08-07-03  12:51 pm
How to write "Two Bodies One Soul" in Irish for wedding??Oliver Grennan08-06-03  08:49 pm
Grammatical TermsClare L08-05-03  05:54 am
Translation, pleaseMaidhc Ó G.08-04-03  08:21 pm
Translationlulux30 08-03-03  08:01 pm
InscriptionAonghus08-03-03  02:54 pm
Amhrán na bhFiann for All Ireland Sunday.Seosamh Mac Muirí09-09-03  02:30 pm
Need a small translationAonghus09-09-03  04:59 am
Anthony Kearns ConcertChristian Liberty Ac09-08-03  09:26 pm
Suggest an Irish namePaula Hennessy20 09-08-03  02:05 pm
Sentence structure - Part 2Joe09-08-03  01:07 pm
Learning Irish or Teach Yourself Irish?Seosamh Mac Muirí15 09-07-03  05:11 pm
??Jonas09-07-03  02:28 pm
GaeilgishAntaine22 09-07-03  07:40 am
Sentence structureSeosamh Mac Muirí36 09-06-03  12:23 pm
Graduate Irish studies programsPaul09-05-03  01:15 pm
Banc na hÉireann etc.Joe09-05-03  08:26 am
Learning Irish or Teach Yourself Irish??Oliver Grennan09-05-03  07:23 am
Talk Now?Maidhc Ó G.10 09-04-03  05:53 pm
The Genitive, an and deMaidhc Ó G.10 09-04-03  05:27 pm
New topic: Road signs as GaeilgeSeosamh Mac Muirí09-04-03  12:47 pm
Teach Yourself Irish- Ó Sé agus SheilsJulia Mann12 09-04-03  08:47 am
Comhra/ Chat in NYCSeosamh Mac Muirí09-02-03  12:08 pm
Russian is eager to learn IrishSeosamh Mac Muirí09-02-03  12:05 pm
Beginning Irish languageJonas09-02-03  03:13 am
Inis Dom????Jonas16 09-01-03  01:43 pm
Palm m105 Irish-English Dictionary?Seosamh Mac Muirí09-01-03  12:14 pm
Conas a déarfaAonghus09-01-03  04:50 am
An Béal Bochtfintan08-31-03  11:04 pm
Genitive form of new jerseyJonas08-30-03  03:32 pm
Irish an official recognized language?Larry08-30-03  06:39 am
Help me please!!!Larry09-30-03  12:39 pm
Back to BasicsLarry09-30-03  12:16 pm
Help with a translationdruniel11 09-30-03  06:24 am
Irish "Famine Ship" lecturePoint Pleasant Histo09-27-03  11:21 pm
How do I say, "Shame on you, (one person)" or "You should be ashame...Caitlin Myers12 09-26-03  08:29 pm
Describing word confusionMaidhc Ó G.10 09-26-03  09:44 am
Comparative vs. SuperlativeDawn12 09-25-03  11:54 am
Baidin Fheilimi - HELPJulia12 09-23-03  07:01 pm
Dialect helpDawn102 09-23-03  11:34 am
Meaning of náDawn09-22-03  04:16 pm
A book on nouns?Larry09-19-03  07:29 am
Anthempaul09-17-03  03:07 pm
Curt MellenSeosamh Mac Muirí09-17-03  12:18 pm
Translation of "passion"James22 09-17-03  02:09 am
Should -v- WouldJoe10 09-16-03  11:22 am
I do chónaí vs. i gcónaí duitJim09-16-03  11:01 am
Leabhar spéisiúilCaitríona Ní Gháirbh09-14-03  04:17 pm
Irish spelling and geneology of the surname Harrington???Seosamh Mac Muirí09-12-03  12:32 pm
Confused about countingLarry09-11-03  03:55 pm
I just need a small translationAonghus09-11-03  06:03 am
Baininscneach agus firinscneachFear na nUimhir09-11-03  05:09 am
A in the junior!!!niamh09-10-03  09:45 am
Yolanda DowlingDaithí09-10-03  07:36 am
Pronunciation Help!Don Conry09-09-03  05:47 pm
Help with a name.Austin09-09-03  03:50 pm
I am new!Dion25 09-30-03  10:18 pm
'fáin'Dawn09-30-03  09:05 pm
How would you say....Tomas OCathain09-30-03  06:22 pm
Gaeilge music in film "veronica gurin" with Cate Blanchett?Julia09-30-03  04:52 pm
Name pronunciationMaidhc Ó G.09-30-03  03:14 pm
Help! Looking for Irish/Gaelic pen pal who can be friend and help a...Ali07-23-02  12:33 am
Suggest an Irish namePaula Hennessy20 09-08-03  02:05 pm
Help with aspirationJoe Newton07-13-03  01:59 pm
Suggest an Irish namePaula Hennessy20 09-08-03  02:05 pm
Translation, etc. Al Evans09-28-02  03:46 pm
Help for translationJames07-11-02  12:15 pm
Translation help, please?Seosamh Mac Muirí07-03-02  11:21 am
Translation helpchad07-02-02  10:07 pm
US DOD in our Corner!James07-03-03  05:12 am
Quiet Man Questionsos beag07-01-03  09:20 pm
Help with aspirationJoe Newton07-13-03  01:59 pm
Suggest an Irish namePaula Hennessy20 09-08-03  02:05 pm
Gaeilge in dublinEíbhlin07-05-03  06:29 am
I miss you??Oliver Grennan07-29-03  10:34 pm
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