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Newbie!!TJ04-10-04  01:28 am
Irish-speaking family in Connemara seeks aupairCailin04-09-04  07:28 pm
Differentiating based on sexFear na mBróg04-09-04  02:46 pm
Alphabet I Alex04-09-04  02:43 pm
Sorry to bug you guys...Fear na mBróg04-09-04  02:37 am
Ceist ar "Learning Irish"Celtoid04-08-04  10:04 pm
More than one way of saying, How are you?Lesa04-08-04  02:22 pm
Hello, I'm new and have a questionFear na mBróg22 04-08-04  03:26 am
Current currencyRómán18 04-07-04  05:28 pm
Harry Potter as GaeilgeSeosamh Mac Muirí33 04-07-04  09:13 am
Etymological question...Seosamh Mac Muirí04-07-04  03:53 am
Translation please! I hope this isn't crude!!Mart12 04-06-04  06:43 pm
Sean-nós i bPortland, MaineSeosamh Mac Muirí04-05-04  02:17 pm
Question about declension tables.Seosamh Mac Muirí28 04-05-04  06:23 am
Have you been?Seosamh Mac Muirí04-05-04  06:14 am
What dialect?Seosamh Mac Muirí13 04-04-04  12:47 pm
A Little Language LevityFear na mBróg04-03-04  03:31 pm
Cad is brí don abairt seo?Fear na mBróg04-02-04  09:24 am
Magree translationMaidhc Ó G.04-01-04  09:55 am
MuckAonghus04-01-04  03:08 am
Translation HelpAonghus12 04-01-04  03:06 am
Counting peopleLarry03-31-04  12:58 pm
Translation - free spiritFear na mBróg04-24-04  01:15 pm
Is this correct?Fear na mBróg04-24-04  03:35 am
Portland Oregon?Dan04-23-04  02:19 pm
Conversation/ comhraAonghus23 04-23-04  11:37 am
Ceist eile..........Aonghus04-23-04  09:35 am
Gaeilge Abu Amarach!Colleen Dollard04-23-04  09:00 am
Ceist eile ar "Tnúthán an Dúchais"Seosamh Mac Muirí04-22-04  05:19 am
Few question on pronounciationAonghus55 04-22-04  04:45 am
Sketch GameOCG04-21-04  08:54 pm
Help with O' SiadhailAonghus04-21-04  04:28 am
Ceist ar focail ar "think"Seosamh Mac Muirí04-20-04  09:26 am
Pronunciation please :)...Jeredin04-20-04  05:41 am
'An t-Éireannach' nó 'An tÉireannach'?...Fear na mBróg04-19-04  03:55 pm
Irish Schoold In DonegalJonas04-19-04  06:03 am
A phrase...Fear na mBróg19 04-17-04  03:21 am
Is Óró a name? An exclamation?Helen04-16-04  10:26 pm
Question about séimhiúAonghus17 04-16-04  07:55 am
A beginner needs some help, only a basic questionmary04-15-04  10:11 pm
Deireadh Seachtaine Gaeilge (Irish Language Immersion Weekend)Mary04-15-04  04:16 pm
Etymological Thingy... Dublin.Fear na mBróg16 04-15-04  03:11 pm
Translation help?username04-13-04  04:29 pm
Translation helpFear na mBróg04-13-04  03:10 am
Nuacht Dhaltaí (The Daltaí Newsletter)Liam04-12-04  08:37 pm
Easter Greetings!Mary04-11-04  07:13 pm
TranslationFear na mBróg04-11-04  02:13 am
Ceist agamFear na mBróg05-07-04  02:04 pm
Name TranslationAnthony McGuigan05-07-04  12:00 pm
Collins vs Oxford PocketSeosamh Mac Muirí05-06-04  04:08 pm
Killyhevlin vs. KillahevlinAonghus05-06-04  09:15 am
Learning Irish On The Net...Alee OD.05-05-04  05:02 pm
Any opinions on Turas Teanga?Colleen Dollard05-05-04  03:22 pm
Ceist agam oraibh: bean/ban-Chris Dixon05-05-04  03:06 pm
Help in LearningAonghus05-05-04  05:58 am
Cad is brí don abairt seo?Aonghus05-04-04  10:23 am
Cá bhuil "Liam agus Bairbre"?Seosamh Mac Muirí15 05-03-04  03:29 pm
Irish Grammar - McGonagleChris C05-02-04  01:58 pm
Dia dhaoibh, is mise Tomás Ó Broin.ÓBroin anFiach05-01-04  09:34 am
PronunciationFear na mBróg05-01-04  07:22 am
Struggling with a phrase, help!Aonghus14 04-30-04  07:54 am
Learning irish Chp 7Jim,NuaEabhrac12 04-29-04  05:25 pm
An teach ósta scanrúil na caislean an barraighalex finn04-28-04  04:20 pm
Question on multiple genitivesAonghus11 04-28-04  10:58 am
Tá míle ceist orm! Aonghus04-28-04  09:36 am
If you want peace, prepare for war - little help?Seosamh Mac Muirí14 04-28-04  05:29 am
Anything like this in Ireland?Seosamh Mac Muirí04-27-04  07:58 am
Research on Gaelic LanguagePangur Ban04-26-04  11:17 am
Gaelic Transcription on Australian HeadstoneMary04-26-04  09:45 am
TranslationAonghus04-26-04  04:27 am
Full Gaelic(Irish) Version of: "May The Road Rise to Meet You... ...juwoey04-25-04  09:43 am
TYI - 1995 - DillonJohannah Mackey04-24-04  10:47 pm
An ChopailFear na mBróg05-23-04  01:21 pm
Translation 03-02-08  10:38 pm
Cad is brí don focail sin as Béarla? Seamas05-22-04  12:15 pm
Some Corrs Song Phrases...Suzanne05-21-04  09:29 am
Irish for "to"?Aonghus05-21-04  09:12 am
Little Prince in Irish...Mary05-21-04  08:25 am
HELP AGAIN!Aonghus05-19-04  09:09 am
Pronunciation of Irish wordsAdam.31 05-16-04  01:50 pm
Turas TeangaAlee OD.21 05-16-04  12:53 pm
Irish Language Competition at UICANY FeisPAD05-16-04  12:49 pm
Irish Saturday in PABrigid_CloverMoon05-16-04  12:43 pm
Irish teaching as a professionFear na mBróg15 05-15-04  11:49 am
TykesFear na mBróg16 05-15-04  11:46 am
"ag gabháil dá maidí orthu"??????Aonghus05-14-04  11:14 am
History of Irish Gaelic in AmericaDes05-14-04  01:35 am
Ceann eileAonghus05-13-04  06:18 am
H E L P!Antóin05-12-04  01:02 pm
Referred here for some Old Irish Translation help....any takers?Aonghus23 05-12-04  09:35 am
Sean nos translationAonghus05-11-04  09:47 am
"Tnúthán an Dúchas" arís!Aonghus05-11-04  09:28 am
Simple Phrase Translation..Aonghus05-11-04  04:22 am
Help finding a teacher or classBrigid_CloverMoon@ho05-10-04  09:48 pm
Bailey's Irish Cream Truffle FudgeBrigid_CloverMoon05-10-04  09:36 pm
A chairdeÓBroin anFiach05-10-04  10:48 am
Gaelic League and moreAonghus05-10-04  04:20 am
D'fheiceáilOCG06-07-04  09:06 pm
Ceist ar "céard".Sean13 06-07-04  12:49 pm
Muinteoir d'uillian pipa?OCG06-06-04  08:43 pm
AmerginWilliam Small06-06-04  03:06 am
Pronunciation questionFear na mBróg06-05-04  09:51 am
LABHRAIGÍ!Celtoid37 06-05-04  09:42 am
October Project Song VerseFear na mBróg06-04-04  07:15 am
Liatroim a Chormaic? Seosamh Mac Muirí06-03-04  02:11 pm
Leabhar nua dátheangachSéamas Ó Neachtain06-03-04  11:15 am
Mar eolas daoibh. Seosamh Mac Muirí06-03-04  04:39 am
Help for Sympathy CardSeosamh Mac Muirí06-03-04  03:57 am
Cupla ceistFear na mBróg06-02-04  08:13 am
Translation neededFear na mBróg06-01-04  09:22 am
PontaifeachttFear na mBróg05-30-04  09:26 am
"Bergdalen" på iriska/"Bergdalen" as gaeilgeCormac Ó Donnaile19 05-29-04  11:52 am
Interesting FactsNatalie05-29-04  08:41 am
The future of the Irish LangageFear na mBróg28 05-29-04  07:53 am
A little help neededceltic squid05-29-04  04:15 am
I mBeartla?Celtoid05-28-04  07:30 am
TRANSLATION OF FEW WORDSEd18 05-27-04  05:02 pm
Irish language campsDes05-27-04  01:44 am
An focal 'iontach'Aonghus05-25-04  04:18 am
Words for Grandmother.....Fear na mBróg13 05-24-04  07:53 am
Present habitual tense of "to be"Seosamh Mac Muirí05-23-04  04:44 pm
Names in irishdruniel05-23-04  03:32 pm
PronunciationCeltoid06-21-04  07:02 am
"dhóigh dhe"Celtoid06-21-04  06:52 am
Fathers dayFear na mBróg06-20-04  01:55 pm
Irish language classes in manhattan NYElaine NI Bhraonain06-20-04  10:42 am
An Bíobla NaofaFear na mBróg06-19-04  04:49 pm
Help with a irish spelling of my maneEd21 06-18-04  03:42 pm
Does this software work very well?Fear na mBróg10 06-18-04  11:15 am
Emphatic UisceFear na mBróg06-18-04  08:12 am
SpellingFear na mBróg06-18-04  04:32 am
PronunciationEd06-17-04  09:33 am
Translation needed.Aonghus27 06-17-04  04:18 am
Pronunciation - eaCeltoid06-15-04  07:29 am
Chapter 2 Learning IrishFear na mBróg22 06-15-04  05:47 am
Google GaeilgeAonghus06-14-04  05:37 am
It's called.........Fear na mBróg06-13-04  09:14 am
Translation helpOCG12 06-12-04  08:48 pm
Tionól Amhrán (An Assembly of Song)Seosamh Mac Muirí06-12-04  05:58 am
Faoi gcuairt??????????????PAD11 06-11-04  06:56 pm
Glad I Found This Board!Jonas35 06-10-04  11:57 am
TranslationAonghus06-10-04  04:55 am
Gaeilge to English helpFear na mBróg06-09-04  04:30 pm
The most LIKELY total of Fluent Irish Speakers...?Jonas14 06-08-04  04:28 pm
Keeping Irish aliveGaeilge Abu06-07-04  11:01 pm
San fran shay06-07-04  09:11 pm
Remember this?Ed06-29-04  06:42 pm
An UaithneTomás06-29-04  10:06 am
By Jove I think shes got itFear na mBróg06-28-04  06:52 am
No Upgrade this WeekendCaoimhín O'Cléirigh-06-27-04  03:27 pm
Irish Festival - Sun., June 27th - PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJRath06-25-04  08:44 pm
Cupla ceistRobin33 06-25-04  03:25 pm
Couple of miscellaneous questionsSeosamh Seoighe13 06-25-04  02:40 pm
How do you pronounced Gaeltacht? Can't find the answer in the archi...Fear na mBróg06-25-04  06:18 am
Translation neededAonghus06-25-04  04:14 am
Boards offline this weekendCaoimhín O'Cléirigh-06-24-04  08:45 pm
Monoglot speakers of Celtic LanguagesLiam Ó Briain14 06-23-04  04:23 pm
The many versions of "little"Marilyn13 06-23-04  08:04 am
Translation helpAonghus06-23-04  07:31 am
Stockholm éinne?Aonghus06-23-04  04:41 am
Music as a teaching methodBeth17 06-22-04  05:41 pm
Preserving Canada's Gaeltacht..Natalie17 06-22-04  10:35 am
Plural pronunciation of deartháireachaCeltoid16 06-22-04  08:01 am
Declensions of verbsJonas14 06-21-04  05:18 pm
Pronunciation of the name CaoimhínCormac Ó Donnaile06-21-04  10:17 am
Vocabulary help! War terms!james21 05-20-04  02:48 pm
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