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Foclóir Recommendations?Bradford04-08-03  08:49 pm
Is fada liom uaim ÍT. MacEoghain05-30-03  11:02 pm
!Aonghus05-30-03  04:48 pm
Wonderful :)...Jonas16 05-29-03  05:23 pm
Lig do scíthColman05-28-03  11:22 am
Translation helpshannan marklew05-28-03  10:20 am
Take a breakPhil05-27-03  01:31 pm
Proper translation and pronounciationPhil05-26-03  04:49 pm
"Fairy"Phil22 05-26-03  04:30 pm
Éire vs. ÉirinnPhil17 05-25-03  02:49 pm
Help me!lost-norwegian13 05-25-03  02:46 pm
Please help translate this for a memorial purposeJames05-23-03  06:46 am
Immediate help required!!!!Phil21 05-22-03  01:41 pm
"Jew's Harp"Seosamh Mac Muirí13 05-20-03  08:02 am
Seirbhís Idirchreidmheach/Ecumenical ServiceBocstaí05-19-03  10:53 am
In need of translation, please help.Phil05-17-03  04:12 pm
Transalte this for the official web page of my faculty, pleasePhil12 05-16-03  01:52 pm
MíontheangachaSeosamh Mac Muirí05-15-03  05:24 am
SeanfhocalRath05-14-03  10:24 pm
Need info on Irish language teaching in Thessaloniki, Greece.Eleftherios Avramidi05-14-03  05:01 pm
A leabhar, a leabhar, a leabharPhil18 05-14-03  02:54 pm
Móra daoibh ar maidin a chairde. Aonghus05-14-03  10:00 am
Tá ceist agamAonghus05-14-03  04:11 am
Ceist na gramadaíT. MacEoghain05-14-03  01:34 am
Cases, Gender and stuffMaidhc Ó G.05-13-03  03:57 pm
A few tips for all you guys.Maidhc Ó G.05-13-03  03:26 pm
Like the proverbial bad penny ...Seosamh Mac Muirí05-13-03  03:57 am
Help with McCaffreyGafraidh05-11-03  01:51 pm
Help please with my SurnameMaidhc Ó G.05-01-03  11:47 am
Need help with pronunciation?Jen05-08-03  10:19 am
TranslationSeosamh Mac Muirí05-09-03  01:10 pm
TranslationAonghus05-09-03  12:10 pm
Scéal Aonghus05-07-03  08:59 am
Irish name for GrandmotherAonghus14 05-07-03  04:41 am
Irish language Event , May 10th in Milwaukee (UWM)Seosamh Mac Muirí05-07-03  03:46 am
Grammatical questionSeosamh Mac Muirí05-07-03  03:42 am
Translation, más é do thoil éd. obhrí uthainn05-06-03  11:42 am
The things I do for you...Padraig05-05-03  06:00 pm
Irish Language Prayer & Meditation On-LineJeffery Pitts05-05-03  04:44 pm
Irish Wolfhound KennelAonghus05-05-03  04:29 pm
Irish Names (again)Aonghus05-02-03  04:08 am
Astralaíocht...Aonghus05-01-03  07:45 am
Greetings from Spain! (Looking for "teach yourself irish's books" r...James04-30-03  09:19 pm
Translation, pleasePhil48 04-29-03  02:04 pm
Ceist na gramadaíT. MacEoghain04-27-03  04:24 pm
Translation Help, Please?Aonghus04-27-03  06:26 am
Yes and NoAonghus04-27-03  06:20 am
Irish NamesPhil04-26-03  08:18 am
Fógraí Dhaltaí - AnnouncementsLiam Mac Giodaire04-24-03  11:51 pm
Greetings from PolandAonghus04-24-03  10:21 am
Irish Cultural Event in MontanaLorretta Lynde04-23-03  11:11 pm
Translation pleaseSiobhán30 04-22-03  04:49 pm
Some strange stuffAonghus33 04-20-03  03:08 pm
Help, please, a few questions.Phil33 04-20-03  02:43 pm
Need help with a translationAonghus04-20-03  03:39 am
Cupla ceisteannaAonghus11 04-20-03  03:35 am
I'm gonna feel stupid after asking this.Phil10 04-18-03  02:22 pm
The use of 'agus'Phil04-18-03  02:14 pm
Bí thusa mo shúile Aonghus10 04-18-03  04:13 am
GAELIC IMMERSION WEEKEND May 30-June 1, 2003Liam04-17-03  11:38 pm
Pronunciation of a surnameMaidhc Ó G04-17-03  09:32 pm
Translation for a amadánDónal04-17-03  02:32 pm
The meaning of "Ní" following a woman's first name.Íosac Mac Daibhéid04-16-03  05:29 am
Irish Voice Messgae...Phil04-15-03  03:20 pm
A little off topic...Phil04-15-03  03:12 pm
Irish studies in colleges....Aonghus12 04-12-03  02:42 pm
Irish Language Moviesdavid04-11-03  02:15 am
Irish language competitionEileen04-10-03  05:37 pm
TRANSLATION would be really apreciatedPhil04-10-03  02:07 pm
Can someone please post the number 1 through 10 in irish? Aonghus04-10-03  04:30 am
Cogar !(psst!)niall na naoi ngirse04-09-03  01:25 pm
Speaking of mailing lists...Aonghus04-09-03  04:02 am
Foclóir Recommendations?Bradford04-08-03  08:49 pm
A couple of questions!Aonghus04-08-03  04:06 am
GenetivePhil04-07-03  01:29 pm
Tuatha De DanaanJames11 04-07-03  10:22 am
Translation needed asapAonghus52 04-07-03  04:15 am
Translation would be GREATLY appreciatedshay04-06-03  02:47 pm
Fuar vs. fuachtBradford04-06-03  02:18 pm
TranslationJ. Conniff04-04-03  02:11 pm
Need a hand...Phil04-04-03  12:17 pm
Info on micheal o ruairc ASAPShay04-04-03  12:17 pm
Pronounciation help,please!Aonghus04-03-03  03:16 am
Could anyone please help me?!Maidhc Ó G11 04-02-03  10:15 am
Masculine and FeminineDaibhí04-01-03  09:23 pm
Any good links for a pronunciation guide?Daibhí04-01-03  09:09 pm
You people are truly inspiring!Daibhí14 04-01-03  03:27 pm
Translation for "remember" or "never forget"Phil04-01-03  12:16 pm
Frata agus PrataMaidhc Ó G.06-08-03  09:33 pm
FINDING PROPER WORDS!Phil34 06-08-03  06:52 am
Countrys??Seosamh Mac Muirí29 06-07-03  02:38 pm
Translation "The Sunny Place"Jeannette Knauf11 06-07-03  01:22 pm
Please help with spelling and correct pronunciationAntóin06-07-03  12:40 pm
TranslationPhil06-07-03  09:04 am
Comórtas Gaeilgerath06-06-03  08:25 pm
Am I even close to translating this?? Can anyone help?sandi06-04-03  10:13 am
What does this say?Phil06-03-03  04:10 pm
Learning...Aonghus06-03-03  04:04 pm
RiseT. MacEoghain06-03-03  03:26 pm
An Teastas Sóisearach san ÉireannChris Doyle06-02-03  03:28 pm
Ceileir or ceiliúr ???sandi06-02-03  11:44 am
AudioMaidhc Ó G.06-01-03  07:40 pm
English to Irish and Irish to EnglishAonghus06-01-03  04:44 pm
What does this mean?Al Evans06-01-03  10:24 am
Two pressing questions I have, pen pal requestDuine Ciúin06-30-03  07:52 am
Saying query for a passingjason06-29-03  08:37 am
NaiveSherlock06-18-03  07:38 am
Gailge and the Republican MovementAshley38 06-27-03  10:48 am
Gaelic DialectsDuine Ciúin06-26-03  08:15 pm
Beginner Gaelic Student - Introduction and Surname QuestionBrian06-26-03  04:33 pm
What is "nul points" in Irish?Duine Ciúin06-20-03  07:57 pm
Good irish sayings/phrasesJen06-19-03  09:50 am
Need help !Seosamh Mac Muirí06-18-03  06:19 am
The Name Game - NatashaAonghus06-16-03  05:23 pm
Need a bit of translatingDave Strecker10 06-16-03  02:18 pm
Total Novice with a questionPhil06-16-03  01:23 pm
Donegal IrishJonas06-15-03  08:47 am
Can ye helpJen26 06-14-03  12:28 am
Translation of a blessingPadraigin Collum06-13-03  11:05 pm
Gaelic to englishBradford06-12-03  11:02 pm
Learning IrishEd Foley11 06-12-03  10:16 am
Grammar ResourcesBeth06-11-03  11:34 pm
Translationgra06-11-03  05:45 pm
Translation AssistanceSeosamh Mac Muirí11 06-10-03  05:32 am
An Teastas SóisearachChris Doyle06-09-03  03:34 pm
Is vs Tá agus an Séimhu le an focla "an"Phil27 06-09-03  02:13 pm
Translation helpDuine Ciúin cuid a d23 06-19-03  09:46 pm
Translation Help, Please?Aonghus04-27-03  06:26 am
Cases, Gender and stuffMaidhc Ó G.05-13-03  03:57 pm
Translation for "remember" or "never forget"Phil04-01-03  12:16 pm
Tá mo chuid gaeilge chaillte agam...Seosamh Mac Muirí06-09-03  07:36 am
Cases, Gender and stuffMaidhc Ó G.05-13-03  03:57 pm
Translation for "remember" or "never forget"Phil04-01-03  12:16 pm
Irish Language Prayer & Meditation On-LineJeffery Pitts05-05-03  04:44 pm
Foclóir Recommendations?Bradford04-08-03  08:49 pm
Masculine and FeminineDaibhí04-01-03  09:23 pm
Bí thusa mo shúile Aonghus10 04-18-03  04:13 am
Translation Help, Please?Aonghus04-27-03  06:26 am
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