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FeelySeosamh Mac Muirí07-14-01  02:04 pm
"A Thig Ná Tit Orm" translationSeosamh07-16-01  01:00 pm
What DOES this word mean?Fintan07-17-01  10:42 pm
Trouble with dialectsSeosamh07-18-01  12:09 am
Translation helpSeosamh07-24-01  03:03 pm
Urgent translationSeosamh Mac Muirí07-29-01  10:59 am
GenitiveJP07-31-01  10:14 am
Looking for a teacher in Oahu HIMatt Seaver07-31-01  11:08 pm
Need the Irish for KooshlaMike Denty08-04-01  03:22 pm
With heart and handsSeosamh08-06-01  12:10 pm
Daltaí na Gaeilge PicnicRath08-06-01  11:14 pm
Translation Help for Stanza in O'Donnabháin Irish Echo Column...Tom Muench08-07-01  05:48 pm
Translation: Home NameSeosamh08-15-01  11:48 am
Some New Age Words...Fintan08-15-01  03:38 am
Grandma in GaelicEdel Power08-25-01  01:22 am
Cumann Chluain Árd ar an ghreasánSeosamh08-14-01  02:50 pm
URGENT! I need a translation... for a birthday card! Aonghus08-14-01  03:51 am
Ceol/uíbh/pronunciation of chSeosamh08-18-01  02:04 pm
Simple translation..Seosamh08-17-01  11:33 am
Welsh in Australia!Liam o Briain11 08-26-01  08:36 am
Irish language todayFintan08-16-01  10:38 pm
Práinneach - AistriúchánFintan08-22-01  03:24 am
To Lenite or not to LeniteSeosamh08-17-01  12:15 pm
Trans: A Wedding InvitationJean08-31-01  07:29 am
Help with an irish wordshannan marklew12-18-01  03:00 pm
Please help!Laighneach08-20-01  07:42 pm
Newfoundland and Gaeilge!Seosamh08-23-01  03:12 pm
Urgent! Translation of a song needed!Aonghus08-24-01  03:58 am
Getting to Daltaí na Gaeilge "Gaeltacht" Weekendreb08-25-01  07:31 pm
Irish lessons in Christchurch New Zealand?Edel Powerb08-25-01  01:03 am
"Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor" translationFintan08-27-01  11:00 pm
Gaeilge san ollscoilAonghus08-28-01  10:28 am
Translation help pleaseFintan08-30-01  08:32 pm
Cabhair le cuireadh bainse le bhur dtóillJean08-31-01  10:22 am
Why Learn Irish? (Writing an Article)Susan Heavey02-27-01  04:21 pm
Gaelic for "Owl"?Scotti10 05-07-01  04:06 pm
Meaning of irish word "Bastuin" (spelling ?)Dennis05-05-01  01:29 am
Translation of AA SlogansPhil McC05-06-01  11:13 am
Help translate poem for weddingBill Stott05-06-01  04:46 pm
Cille Boane?Dori Ford Bruscell05-07-01  07:35 pm
1st Regiment Irish BrigadeLiam O Briain05-09-01  01:19 am
Irish saying / seanfhocal for Memorium cardSeosamh Mac Muirí05-09-01  03:47 am
PLease help with a translationOdie Parkins05-08-01  07:44 pm
Gaeilge mar theanga labhartha Seosamh05-14-01  12:58 pm
Translation for inscription on wedding ringDennis05-10-01  09:27 pm
Is cuis brodLaighneach05-18-01  03:39 pm
Changing the family name into the Irish spellingLaighneach05-18-01  03:38 pm
Computer Tearms In Irish!Seosamh05-16-01  12:50 pm
PLEASE HELPSeosamh05-18-01  06:08 pm
Translation HelpSeosamh Mac Muirí06-07-01  07:01 am
Need help to translateAonghus05-24-01  10:29 am
Belfast Irish SchoolingCailleach06-24-01  08:50 am
Translate Have a great summer!Seosamh Mac Muirí05-31-01  06:58 am
Translation for AlleghenySeosamh05-25-01  04:11 pm
Three Small Questions..Seosamh05-23-01  07:12 pm
Could anybody help me translate a phrase?Dennis05-24-01  03:29 am
Translation help required please ...Len05-24-01  04:26 am
I need help with some song lyrics from donnegalCaoimhín O'Cléirigh-06-24-01  09:16 am
As Gaeilge,le do thoil.Seosamh Mac Muirí05-31-01  06:48 am
Would like to say "I do" in GaelicAonghus05-28-01  07:54 am
Translation of "house of dreams" please.Seosamh Mac Muirí06-04-01  12:58 pm
Woodside U.S.ASeosamh16 06-08-01  12:35 pm
McLaw/MacLaw as Gaeilge?Seosamh Mac Muirí06-07-01  01:37 pm
Wedding Shower CardMáire Eilís06-07-01  09:38 pm
Help with translationSeosamh Mac Muirí06-07-01  03:36 pm
Meaning of dalta/daltaiSeosamh Mac Muirí06-08-01  11:21 am
What does "mo chara mor" mean?Seosamh06-05-01  12:06 am
Danny Boy - translation needed (desperate.)Seosamh06-07-01  12:47 pm
Wedding Band Translation NeededSeosamh Mac Muirí06-08-01  07:22 am
How do you say Rock and Roll?Micky Keenan07-02-01  05:11 pm
Food for the SoulSeosamh06-08-01  11:43 am
Help with TranslationFintan06-27-01  10:45 pm
Wedding ring.Desmond Patrick Lync06-08-01  02:56 pm
Week-long Immersion Program in the Irish LanguageLiam Guidry06-11-01  11:22 pm
Irish prounciationSeosamh Mac Muirí07-05-01  12:23 pm
Irish Penpaltccarlton06-14-01  10:22 pm
TranslationDennis06-21-01  11:51 am
An Spalpín FanachJim06-28-01  09:19 am
Cead mile failte?linel12-23-01  04:31 pm
Can someone translate this in to Irish?violet12-20-01  03:10 pm
Pronounciation?Seosamh11-25-01  09:51 pm
Tir Na NogKhaetlynne again12-01-01  01:07 am
Help placing Irish Language AdJames McGinnis09-04-01  11:44 pm
Help me name my boat.Seosamh09-02-01  11:36 pm
KerrySeosamh09-05-01  01:24 pm
Irish Language Competitions - Feis in Morris County NJ - Sept 9donncha09-05-01  09:24 pm
Please translate: Slan AbnaileCaoimhín O'Cléirigh-09-06-01  11:49 pm
Need translationSeosamh09-07-01  03:00 pm
Baby ShowerJacki09-07-01  09:57 am
Music style..Laighneach09-08-01  08:10 am
Translation help please for - "sheep" and "sweater"Seosamh09-09-01  11:43 pm
Translation for " Hawk Hill"Seosamh Mac Bhl.09-10-01  11:48 pm
9/11/01Jim09-17-01  02:49 pm
Irish phrase from the movie "The Secret of Roan Inish"Lúcas09-25-01  10:36 pm
Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be - in phonetic Irish PLEASE...Maureen Connelly10-01-01  10:42 pm
Translation neededFintan09-27-01  01:39 am
MovieMcMannis09-27-01  06:57 pm
Memorial Service & Mass - Seán Tierney's SonDaltaí na Gaeilge10-01-01  10:41 pm
Which dialect should I learn?Seosamh10-03-01  12:31 pm
Irish Gaelic Pen PalsColm10-06-01  04:48 pm
Woodside, Queens, NYSeosamh12 10-05-01  04:00 pm
Salm ar son Nua-EabhracDaithí Mac Lochlainn10-05-01  09:09 am
Looking at a tatoo, and i want to make sure that i get the words rightSeosamh Mac Muirí10-16-01  11:41 am
Surnames - isabelle10-11-01  11:21 pm
Irish DancingMahone10-11-01  08:36 pm
Help with Grammar...Seosamh10-12-01  04:04 pm
Looking for group in So. CaliforniaLynda Moore10-11-01  05:37 pm
Translation of family history from "An Linn Bhuí: Iris Ghaeltacht n...Aonghus10-26-01  03:52 am
A novice Gaelic Student wishes to try a discussion in GaelicJames31 12-20-01  09:55 am
Thank you for your expressions of sympathySeán Ó Tiarnaigh10-19-01  08:05 pm
Need saying for tattooMike Casey10-22-01  02:00 pm
Please help with this translationMike10-22-01  04:32 pm
Another plea for help with a translation...Roderic dArcon10-28-01  02:45 pm
Irish dialectsJames10-28-01  05:35 pm
Translation Help PleaseBob Ryan10-27-01  09:52 am
Want to say "good Luck" for friend's Irish language exam.Bron Bateman10-29-01  10:15 pm
Pronunciation of GarvarghyMary Hoerr10-31-01  11:00 am
Irish-language event in New YorkSeosamh10-29-01  04:04 pm
Again, another plea for help with a translation... (Part 2)Roderic dArcon10-30-01  09:34 pm
How to say "Serbian" in Irish? Sasa11-01-01  04:19 pm
Translation needed!!! :o)Sean Garland11-01-01  07:19 pm
Please help!! Translation for wedding mass neededCreag11-04-01  11:32 pm
Go raibh maith agat v's Go raibh maith agaibhLarry10-31-01  05:34 pm
One line translation help? :)Colleen Renner11-04-01  03:04 pm
Where to put "ann" in a sentence?Isabelle11-07-01  01:38 am
Which is correct?Joshua Kidd11-05-01  01:00 am
Éire, Nua-Eabhrac agus HizzonerSeosamh11-12-01  12:07 am
"Go away!" ~ Translation?Kelly White11-06-01  03:47 pm
Resource wanted to learn the Irish Gaelic (Gaeilge)Lanuagepolohannagain11-26-01  02:00 pm
Ni changes Mh in certain counties?james11-09-01  04:31 pm
IRISH DANCERSMonica11-09-01  04:34 am
What does word mean?Larry11-09-01  10:08 pm
Lá!Liam ó Briain11-20-01  03:14 pm
Which is it ....Dia dhuit or Dia duit? ...and whyCríostóir Níall MacR11-14-01  02:30 pm
Carrickfergus - As GaeilgeAntóin11-14-01  04:42 pm
PLEASE Help me out.Brien Hoye11-13-01  08:51 pm
Help translate "Anyway you say it..."Dennis King11-15-01  01:43 pm
Translation PleaseLarry11-21-01  11:46 pm
How to start learning irishAntóin11-26-01  05:51 pm
Gaelic for "body"Scotti11-27-01  10:41 am
Gaeilge i gKabulDaithí Mac Lochlainn11-24-01  11:47 am
Where are "live" Irish chat rooms found???Brien Hoye17 12-04-01  09:44 pm
Níl mo chroí agat.. Aonghus11-28-01  08:50 am
Daonáireamh 2001(?)Aonghus11-28-01  08:52 am
Need help translating a sentencescott reilly12-01-01  11:58 pm
"Tiarna na Fáinní" - an scannán nuaCreag Fintan Batty12-04-01  06:45 pm
Irish Gaelic translation help, please?Miami12-06-01  08:26 pm
Tá an Nollag ag Teacht!!polohannagain12-07-01  06:19 am
English pronunciation of Clannad pleaseBhernard12-11-01  08:26 pm
Strong, iron-willed scottish/irish womenColm Ó Dúill12-16-01  06:10 pm
Translation needed "Here comes trouble!"Trixie12-13-01  08:14 pm
Need a translationrfbbadger12-18-01  05:41 am
I versus saJames12-16-01  03:10 pm
Grandma & Grandpa in Gaelic please...Bridget12-20-01  06:53 pm
Need translation for title of my short storyFintan12-17-01  12:31 am
A Novice wishes to know meanings of some words...James13 12-22-01  10:29 pm
An bhuil na fochlacha seo i g'cuinn éiní anseo?Brien Hoye12-30-01  09:15 pm
Kilmakeady?James12-26-01  01:25 am
Translation AssistanceSian12-27-01  08:02 pm
Irish Names...Seosamh12-29-01  05:06 pm
A Translation exerciseAonghus08-22-01  03:37 am
I gcuimhne ar tírghráthóirLiam o Briain08-22-01  09:17 pm
Meaning of "Musha"Seosamh08-23-01  03:08 pm
Happy's birthday song?miguel08-27-01  05:47 am
When 2 use tá muid or támid??Seosamh08-23-01  11:54 pm
NamesDaibhead07-28-01  10:27 pm
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