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Lyrics to "Tá Ná Lá ",Wolfe TonesBrendan07-24-00  12:50 am
Enya's "Ebudae"- What are the words?A. March Schab B.07-02-00  07:55 pm
translationdwelty07-23-00  07:22 pm
Pronunciation of Irish goddess "Macha?"Debbie Frost07-05-00  11:41 am
getting university credits for learning Irish An Creabhar07-10-00  05:35 pm
the meaning of "county"Aonghus07-07-00  12:50 pm
translation please .... if anyone can help cait boyle07-13-00  11:16 pm
Thank you Lord for my many blessings.Kay07-14-00  07:31 pm
translation if possible please Máire Ní Ógáin07-18-00  08:22 am
THE END IS ONLY THE BEGINNINGMáire Ní Ógáin07-20-00  04:00 am
Getting married and in a bindaj07-19-00  10:45 pm
name my puppykelleykc07-21-00  11:45 am
Irish Lessons At Rutgers In SeptemberDennis Cutburth07-22-00  11:27 am
To Bare the SoulAmanda07-27-00  08:14 am
Help!Laigheanach07-26-00  02:06 pm
Vowel Combinations and PronunciationsSeosamh07-28-00  12:58 pm
Translation of "moon"Amanda07-26-00  08:29 am
Montanan in need of translationSeosamh07-30-00  12:30 pm
Dulaman na Binne BuíDutchgael11-02-00  01:05 pm
Penn Irish GroupBrendan07-13-00  03:02 pm
praying for tutelage in chicago, ilJeff09-04-00  02:27 pm
a cry for help with numbersKay04-20-00  05:43 am
"Thank you for being so special" in IrishLarry12-03-00  10:59 pm
Irish inscriptions for wedding ringsKate11-02-00  12:29 am
Memorial for my grandfather, please help....Dotty Malone12-26-00  12:52 pm
Pronunciation..Seosamh10-22-00  12:16 pm
GranuaileSeosamh Mac Muirí06-16-00  11:54 am
Help! My book is trying to trick me, part 2.Seosamh06-13-00  01:08 pm
Act of ContritionMaureen Connelly09-18-00  09:40 pm
Wedding PoemLúcas08-14-00  10:00 pm
Creating a surnameAmy14 08-20-00  06:34 pm
gaeltacht songsSeosamh10-18-00  12:26 pm
Need translation of "tree of health" (not "healthy tree"); also int...Laigheanach08-01-00  02:16 pm
Is "Swallow" an irish decendent surname? Seosamh08-01-00  01:01 pm
Teachers in Southern New Hampshire?Hilda10-17-00  11:00 am
An old messageSeosamh08-02-00  11:31 pm
"Garrico" Cork townland?Thomas Muench09-11-00  07:12 pm
Making HistoryFionghal08-02-00  07:24 pm
What is a nice Irish Girl to do....Muircheartach08-12-00  09:43 am
More help with Grammar-mas e do thoil e?lisa11-01-99  02:07 pm
I love you to a child(ren)Torii08-14-00  11:28 am
I would like summaries of th following books: "Ceol an Phíobaire" ...cathy08-14-00  12:37 pm
Irish Wedding ToastPattie Ahearn08-14-00  07:51 pm
In Tua NuaDomhnall O hAinlighe10-24-00  08:10 pm
Irish People Learn Irish Web Site goneCathyJoSmith07-03-01  03:10 pm
Learning the Irish language in PeruSeosamh08-20-00  03:28 pm
Phonetic PronunciationSeosamh08-20-00  03:45 pm
Irish spelling and name for "Jeannette"Jeannette08-21-00  07:00 am
Together forever we'll conquer the worldBill Welden08-19-00  11:44 pm
What happened to "The Irish People" lessons?torii08-25-00  09:59 am
Need an Irish phrase for a memorial inscription!Kathleen08-23-00  08:13 am
Pronunciation of "te" (hot)Domhnall O hAinlighe10-24-00  08:19 pm
Mountians of Killaloe?Sally09-05-00  04:43 pm
Help with some translations!Laigheanach08-27-00  09:54 am
DialectsSeosamh08-30-00  01:16 pm
Renewed interest in Gaelic language?stu29 06-19-01  03:39 am
Advice request from a learner.Mike09-03-00  07:39 am
Does Irish have these words?hilda10-21-00  09:22 am
Munster Irish- material?Jonas10-13-00  02:54 pm
Bartholomew?Máire Eilís09-04-00  11:35 am
Need Irish teacher/class in St. Petersburg, FLvirginia p. wyman10-22-00  10:06 pm
Children of IrelandDennis McCarthy09-04-00  08:38 pm
Happy Anniversary?betsy1247209-08-00  01:16 pm
Island of the Soul?Scotti09-06-00  05:31 pm
O Donghaill BuchailleDeb Logan09-07-00  06:48 am
Irish for / translationJacki McGovern09-07-00  07:25 pm
NOW YOU SEE US, NOW YOU DON'TSeosamh Mac Muirí09-11-00  06:30 am
Looking for a word Seosamh09-12-00  11:22 am
Pronunciation of seanmhathair/grandmotherSeosamh09-10-00  12:12 pm
Looking for a proverb translationDennis09-09-00  12:23 am
Translation, please!Seosamh09-14-00  12:40 pm
PronunciationMáire Ní Ógáin09-11-00  05:11 am
Lynch?marguerite lynch09-16-00  07:05 pm
Health and HappinessMarguerite Lynch09-14-00  12:43 pm
Pronunciation/interpretation/phrases neededMarguerite Lynch09-28-00  04:53 pm
Immersion Weekendmedb09-17-00  04:59 pm
The Nephew, starring Pierce BrosnanLaigheanach09-22-00  05:10 pm
Meaning of Dhuibhne in Corca DhuibneAnactoria11-24-00  02:35 am
Translation of Sanity neededLaigheanach09-26-00  02:44 pm
Heeeeelllppp!hilda10-21-00  08:15 am
Four Elements, Zodiac Signs-in GaelicSeosamh09-26-00  12:48 pm
I am about to get marriedRiobárd Mac Gabhann10-05-00  11:10 am
BuabhallSeosamh09-27-00  10:53 am
A sound mind and a sound bodyKen Stack09-26-00  06:03 pm
Lyric Translationmelinda adams09-29-00  03:28 pm
WalmsleyTanya Walmsley09-26-00  11:42 pm
E-Mail responses Cristian10-08-00  03:09 am
Happy Birthdayhilda10-21-00  08:10 am
Walmsley in IrishSeosamh10-01-00  03:17 pm
"Kelly" in Gaelic?Mick Medlicott10 10-09-00  07:34 pm
The TainKay10-03-00  02:21 pm
Words for hills and mountainsSeosamh10-02-00  05:57 pm
Date Correction - Jamison Immersion WeekendLiam Guidry10-03-00  08:14 pm
Words and FlowersGuess Who10-07-00  08:45 am
Tóg É go Bog ÉDennis10-07-00  01:21 am
Gaeilge word/meaning and few other questionsMáire Ní Ógáin10-10-00  12:02 pm
Translation pleaseRichie10-11-00  06:03 am
A few quick grammar questions...antaine10-09-00  02:50 pm
Ciffdkyderligere?Jonas10-13-00  03:53 am
FLUENT IRISH ON THE WWWAonghus10-10-00  04:12 am
Trying to Translate English to GaelicSéamus10-20-00  08:02 pm
U.S. Civil War/Union Brigade MottoSeosamh12 10-16-00  07:01 pm
Noun-adjevtive orderMary Kroll10-17-00  09:06 am
Two young, Irish, teachers seeking employer(s) in the USA for July/...Hilda10-17-00  10:39 am
Surprising (to me) Role of Hiberno-English in Learning IrishSeosamh10-17-00  11:20 pm
Irish names and learning Irish Gaelic...Seosamh10-19-00  08:49 pm
Meaning of eachtraìSeosamh11-06-00  10:41 pm
Rest In PeaceAonghus10-31-00  03:44 am
Nà lean mé.ta mé ar strae.Seosamh10-27-00  07:37 pm
Translation neededLaighneach10-26-00  08:10 am
The Welshmen of TirawleyOMurchu11-27-00  03:40 pm
Translation...Risteárd10-26-00  09:38 pm
The words to "an puc ar buile" Antóin10-30-00  04:44 pm
Problems with Raidió na GaeltachtaBeth Benedetto11-05-00  05:10 pm
Translation needed.CJ11-01-00  04:34 pm
Irish reading group in Princeton, NJBrendan Kane11-01-00  08:46 pm
Seanfhocal with the word "anam" in itAntóin11-03-00  05:05 am
Translation requestDennis11-03-00  01:55 pm
A 100,000 Web directory in GaelicFrancis Coyle11-06-00  05:31 pm
Mountain View HouseSeosamh11 11-09-00  02:06 pm
Manic Street PreachersAntóin11-07-00  03:27 pm
Will You Marry MeRobert Piscioneri11-09-00  11:00 pm
Congratulations and Best WishesSeosamh Mac Muirí11-24-00  01:39 pm
Translating my nameLaighneach11-26-00  12:01 pm
I love youSeosamh11-13-00  03:04 pm
Attracting irishspeakers the world over to irelandSeosamh11-17-00  03:05 pm
Up to date GaelicJonas11-21-00  08:43 am
Translation help, please!Angun11-25-00  05:11 pm
Name TranslationDutchgael11-19-00  11:19 am
Translation request for headstoneEvelyn Newman11-19-00  05:43 pm
How do you say "grossly insensitive" in Gaeilge?Dennis11-27-00  02:14 pm
Translationanne davis11-20-00  09:38 am
PluralsColm11-27-00  04:09 pm
Bas no an Bua or Bas no am Bua ?Seosamh Mac Bhl.10 11-28-00  01:12 pm
Celtic TigersAntóin10 11-27-00  04:48 pm
Erin Go BraghAlex Moore11-23-00  03:15 pm
Unique verse for handfastingAnactoria11-26-00  01:06 pm
An Irish Canadian having troubles with spelling...Seosamh12-02-00  02:46 pm
Surname pronunciationAnactoria11-25-00  08:12 pm
Joz sans fyn or fyd? Inscription found on a ring, Please Help.Aonghus11-28-00  04:07 am
DonnachaidhJulie11-28-00  10:35 pm
Briathra na GaeilgeHeidi Kirkpatrick11-29-00  10:37 pm
Irish Christmas BlessingLawrence Casey12-05-00  07:09 pm
Hazel RoseAonghus12-01-00  04:04 am
Help, need 2 words translated to IrishSeosamh12-04-00  01:18 pm
TWO NEW GAELTACHTS PLANNEDliam o briain12-02-00  08:37 pm
Gaeilgeoirí File Suit in Florida CourtANBHUAIN: The Gaelic12-02-00  03:58 pm
The Oireachtasliam o briain12-02-00  09:07 pm
NAME GAME!Matt Dynan12-04-00  02:59 pm
Need Sir name Hargrove translated into IrishSeosamh12-03-00  02:33 pm
TattooLaighneach12-05-00  01:18 pm
Name translationLaighneach12-08-00  05:18 am
Does Barrentine look like a Gaelic name?Kay12-10-00  06:29 pm
Sentiment for a babyLaighneach12-06-00  03:54 am
Help with translation Dennis12-08-00  10:06 pm
Irish ornamnent needs translatedKay12-10-00  04:01 pm
Irish translation for the holidaysLaighneach12-11-00  12:48 pm
Urgent help reqd with Gaelic name pronounciationHoward Dell12-11-00  04:58 am
AEDennis12-12-00  12:13 pm
Irish stanz or poems for sons Larry Casey12-14-00  06:43 am
Language of the Irish People or Everybody Else.Seosamh12-19-00  04:27 pm
Having a hard time translating this message. Can someone help?Colm Ó Dúill12-15-00  04:58 pm
Nollaigh Maith DuitAonghus12-19-00  04:03 am
Need help translating pleaseDavid12-19-00  02:54 pm
Translate a namemichael12-21-00  05:03 am
Please help me translate a name to Gaelic!Seosamh12-21-00  09:55 am
Miotaseolaíocht/mythologyMaureen12-21-00  08:24 pm
PronounciationJames Murphy12-21-00  04:18 pm
TranslationEloa12-22-00  04:39 pm
Could someone please help me translate.Dennis12-23-00  12:41 pm
Love is Eternal....Mídheach Iar-Laighne12-26-00  03:22 pm
Words for grandparentsDotty Malone12-27-00  11:03 am
How to spell 'Inis Oirr' correctly?williamfuller01-17-01  01:57 pm
taim i' ngra leatAlasdair01-19-01  08:40 am
Translating my name into GaelicMáire Ní Ógáin29 06-28-01  08:22 am
Translations pleaseSusan Menne15 07-10-01  06:04 pm
Translating a name into IrishMicky Keenan27 08-23-01  08:00 pm
Macallai/Irish Echo and marvelous old Teach Yourself IrishL. Newbury03-18-01  07:46 pm
"Thank you for sharing the day with us. May God bless youMolly10-13-99  05:32 pm
Looking for Irish Lyrics to Christmas songsMickey Medlicott10-18-00  07:10 pm
Translation of "Dixie"Riobárd Mac Gabhann10-05-00  11:25 am
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