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Proper greeting for a memorial mass ?kay01-04-00  11:30 pm
Fada Program Needed?An Creabhar01-19-00  04:24 pm
Currthurpane - Old Irish placename meaning ?Dennis King01-06-00  01:21 pm
Seeking Language class in Ireland for summer 2000liam Ó Cuinneagáin01-25-00  12:04 pm
Learning Irish on-line?Bob Nealis01-09-00  12:55 am
Does language define culture?williamfuller04-01-00  09:59 am
Irish Nameschris rogers01-05-00  10:10 am
Translation Request...bkiah01-09-00  04:34 am
How to use the spelling rules in Litriú na Gaeilige?Dennis King01-13-00  02:08 am
Translation Help: Irish to Englishisevier01-15-00  12:33 am
Need a recommendation for more advanced Irish courseRobert Ely01-12-00  08:24 pm
Questions about 'potato' and dialectsSeosamh01-14-00  10:01 am
Mo chuisle means 'my darling'lisadipietrantonio01-17-00  01:32 am
Help with Grammar,más é do thoil é ?Seosamh01-18-00  02:23 pm
How to pronounce MacOisdealbhaigh (Irish source of Costello)Seosamh01-29-00  02:55 pm
To LifeOltóir01-18-00  08:51 pm
An Irish LullabyCathy Smith01-27-00  10:15 am
The Irish language's usage today in Ireland and the worldJeanie01-19-00  10:01 pm
Happy BirthdayDennis King01-20-00  03:44 pm
Wanted:Live-in Tutor in Tuscon, AZBairbre01-19-00  10:58 pm
Meaning of "a stóirín óg mo chroí" Aonghus01-20-00  02:46 am
Please help with translation!Kateri Hull01-20-00  11:06 pm
"Drugai i measc na noige"aoife01-21-00  01:33 pm
Irish language publications ?Aonghus01-26-00  02:01 pm
Irish Language CDDennis King01-23-00  03:02 pm
Galiciamiguel01-31-00  01:10 pm
Looking for study aids in South AfricaCharles Mc Callaghan01-23-00  04:59 pm
Study Hints?Aodh01-24-00  08:23 am
What does FEIN mean?wm.fuller02-23-00  05:23 pm
Looking for classes in FloridaTorii Croft01-23-00  05:30 pm
Irish Bookstore - Thanks AngelaMáire Eilís01-23-00  06:32 pm
The Irish BookshopSeosamh01-24-00  11:53 am
help with a nameseamus01-28-00  09:08 pm
Irish language tapes for childrenbrian carroll02-03-00  12:44 pm
A message for my fatherMáire Ní Ógáin01-28-00  04:54 am
Cairde Eileen BuckleyTreasa Ni Laoi01-28-00  11:08 am
Gaelic to English HELP please!Seth Thomas Scanlon02-28-00  02:49 am
Easy Irish-English Translationsjoyce02-01-00  08:12 pm
Help the Girl ScoutsMáire Eilís02-01-00  07:33 pm
pronoun "tu"- what's the rule on aspiration of this?wm.fuller02-02-00  09:01 am
Gaelic TranslationsMáire Ní Ógáin02-07-00  04:48 am
help with childs nameSeosamh02-04-00  12:48 pm
May your spirit danceKelly02-02-00  06:14 pm
Irish or Scottish ?Aonghus02-03-00  02:18 am
Please Help with Buntus Cainte!!:)Miriam Ellis02-03-00  01:16 am
Childrens video tape (Thanks!) and TeletubbiesSáfach02-04-00  08:34 pm
Oiche mhaith mo speirbheanAonghus02-05-00  02:52 pm
My friend sent me this note . . .Máire Ní Ógáin02-07-00  04:53 am
Firefighters need help with translationsmuircheartach ó muir02-16-00  04:42 pm
Brian Boru - poembrian carroll02-07-00  12:09 pm
athas i mo chroiMáire Ní Ógáin02-11-00  05:06 am
Need help with a name Colleen02-14-00  07:52 pm
Dueling RosesJohn Fisher02-16-00  01:35 am
Please helpDennis King02-24-00  11:08 pm
meaning of the word "aroon"Seosamh02-22-00  12:54 pm
gaelic/irish beginnerSeosamh02-28-00  02:06 pm
Sleep WellAonghus02-25-00  09:15 am
"grab a few winks of sleep"Nani02-26-00  04:44 pm
translation of "My father's house"JIm McBride02-27-00  11:45 am
I NEED TRANSLATION FOR MY FAMILY CREST!fennelly02-28-00  08:18 am
How do you say "I DO" in Gaelic?Seosamh02-29-00  12:55 pm
Gaelic Translation for Phrase/Inscription- "One King, One Ireland"...Carol Smith02-27-00  09:43 am
Gaelic Translation for Phrase/Inscription- "One King, One Ireland"...Seán Ó Buachalla03-01-00  12:37 pm
Ceol, Caint, agusCraicEibhlín02-27-00  07:47 pm
I need a translation......Please...miguel03-01-00  10:49 am
Translate Irish Soda BreadAonghus02-29-00  02:39 am
Gaelic? Irish!Callie B Newton13 03-13-00  11:28 pm
(sp?)Codladh, codlah, coladh? Aonghus02-29-00  02:38 am
Marchers Wanted - For Sun March 5 - Belmar Paradedenis02-29-00  04:20 pm
PronunciationDennis King03-02-00  02:54 am
Name the pubKT03-06-00  01:46 am
Help name the Beach Houseriobard03-04-00  03:45 am
Queen's, NY St. Pat's ParadeSeosamh03-03-00  12:05 pm
I gcuimhne Shiopa Aingil...Seosamh03-05-00  09:50 am
Irish Language CurriculumPrionseasin03-05-00  12:38 pm
Cursa Leinn na Teanga GaeilgePrionseasin03-05-00  01:41 pm
Translation NeededEibhlin03-06-00  10:51 pm
an bata don ghaeilgewilliamfuller03-12-00  02:21 pm
Kíla i Meiriceá! (bannacheoil Gaeilge)ANBHUAIN: The Gaelic03-07-00  08:12 pm
German Student - Irish Language ProjectAlexandra Hanig03-08-00  09:41 pm
Wedding Band - Irish InscriptionMáire Ní Ógáin03-09-00  03:28 am
Belgian Teacher - idea for a Better Worldfranky03-10-00  05:54 pm
TranslationAonghus03-09-00  05:29 am
Beannacht Dé limh ar an ... can you translate for me, please?Seosamh03-09-00  10:41 pm
song lyrics-the Rankins/Mary Jane lamondSáfach03-15-00  06:20 pm
Please Help Me Learn . . .Laigheanach04-20-00  07:55 am
Traditional Gaelic song "Ho Ro Mo Nighean Donn Bhoidheach"Valerie Bailey03-13-00  08:45 pm
PRAYER OF SAINT BRIGIDBrian Corrigan03-13-00  08:29 am
The "cases" of the Irish LanguageLouis C. Newbury04-16-00  02:42 am
PLEASE HELP ME WITH A TRANSLATION, PLEASE.Daithí Neachtain Mac03-12-00  04:41 pm
Need help with naming a dogJacki McGovern03-13-00  09:49 pm
Irish Alphabetantaine04-18-00  04:03 pm
Irish Language Correspondence Course?Seosamh03-20-00  04:27 pm
Looking for Bible in GaelicAonghus03-16-00  02:40 am
What does "Cuimhnim ar" stand for?Seosamh03-17-00  08:07 am
Happy St. Patrick's DaySeosamh03-19-00  11:56 am
Memorial Album for Ethel BroganMaureen Connelly03-31-00  03:25 pm
One who loves horsesAonghus14 03-22-00  12:57 pm
Just a couple of questionsTorii Croft03-22-00  03:41 pm
Need help with a dateMáire Ní Ógáin03-27-00  05:16 am
Ailein Duinn translation please!Rochelle03-22-00  10:34 pm
Need a name!Seosamh03-24-00  09:14 am
Irish lyrics-need Englishwilliamfuller03-29-00  05:26 pm
WGSM vs. An Ghaeilgewilliam fuller04-02-00  03:48 pm
Pimsleur language tapesMary03-26-00  08:49 pm
FYI Pimsleur language tapesDennis King03-31-00  11:33 am
A 6th grade projectLaigheanach03-30-00  05:17 pm
Grammer QuestionPat04-09-00  08:26 pm
Anuna songsPól04-02-00  05:26 pm
cara pinnAnthony Valentino03-30-00  11:17 pm
Help with a character name, le do thoil?Cathy Smith04-03-00  09:03 am
Gaelic NationANBHUAIN: The Gaelic12 04-08-00  12:49 pm
Massage TherapistDennis King04-03-00  03:10 am
Surname ChangeLaigheanach04-04-00  03:31 pm
The use of Irish (Gaelic)william fuller04-08-00  10:07 am
Please, someone help me translate this?Annelle04-18-00  10:13 pm
Please help me with a translation?Annraoi04-09-00  08:23 pm
Irish lyricsAnnraoi04-09-00  08:19 pm
Gracelandwilliam fuller04-13-00  11:22 am
Irish Medium SchoolsKay04-14-00  05:09 pm
6th grader needs HELP-need Irish measure for a simple recipeSáfach04-16-00  09:09 am
declension of nounsSeosamh04-17-00  12:03 pm
Online Irish language musicTadhg04-16-00  01:04 pm
How would I spell this name in Gaelic?Barbara Ann04-25-00  07:13 pm
We are about to have an expansion to our familyMáire Ní Ógáin04-17-00  11:38 am
Pot of Golddwelty04-19-00  03:05 pm
irish essay Laigheanach13 04-22-00  02:39 pm
Unity in DiversitySeosamh04-18-00  09:36 pm
Princess - Bearantaine04-19-00  12:56 am
Ballad Of Pearse O'ReillyLaigheanach04-19-00  03:17 pm
Gaeilgeoir Liofa i Meiricea dha Lorg go Prainneach le labhairt fao...Ariel04-21-00  10:24 pm
Name pronunciationDennis King04-21-00  01:56 pm
Irish Checkmateantaine04-22-00  03:52 pm
Why has the Irish language been able to survive?william Fuller04-29-00  09:42 am
Blessing yourself in Irish?Aonghus06-27-00  04:50 am
St. John Neumann spoke Irish - Please help !rntt06-27-00  05:16 am
Irish for Captain (of a sports team)?rntt06-27-00  05:14 am
How do you say "shiny" in Ulster Irish?Dennis King06-14-00  09:10 pm
When it was forbidden to speak Gaelic in IrelandJ. Hickey14 05-18-00  07:39 pm
"Self" ?seamie06-27-00  07:09 pm
gaelic writing.Seamus Walsh06-09-00  03:01 pm
What are the best Irish salutations?mise07-13-00  03:12 pm
Love of my heartDenise Marie Denisac05-05-00  11:15 pm
So many ways to say "I love you"! Help?!MÉFÉIN05-04-00  03:35 pm
About pronouncing Fionn's Cousins names:Máire Ní Ógáin05-02-00  05:16 am
HELP!!!I'M DOING MY A-LEVELSSeosamh05-05-00  11:05 am
An puc ar buile...Máire Ní Ógáin05-08-00  05:08 am
Help with translation please!!Seosamh05-06-00  09:30 am
What does Tynan & Curran mean?Seosamh05-06-00  09:07 pm
comhra duine ar bith?miguel05-11-00  05:03 pm
New Irish language online music staionTadhg05-07-00  01:18 am
Translation of 2 words for an art projectDennis King05-08-00  10:39 pm
"Bagel" as Gaeilge?Po/l05-08-00  05:24 pm
Moll Dubh A'GhleannaEamon05-16-00  01:29 am
Need help with an Irish name for a girlMáire05-11-00  08:01 pm
Help, please!!!miguel05-11-00  04:57 pm
Help in Irish please :)Aonghus06-01-00  03:57 am
Is the Irish word for "marsh" something like "roosketh"?...An Creabhar05-18-00  10:57 am
I need a name for a boatDennis King05-18-00  02:39 pm
Thank God I Found YouJiayuan14 05-20-00  09:03 am
Where can I learn Irish in Paraná, Brasilmiguel05-23-00  09:09 am
FAMILY CRESTSrath05-22-00  11:21 pm
Can you help us with our project?Mark Lewis05-22-00  09:45 am
GrandmotherÁine C.05-22-00  10:05 am
translation pleaseSeosamh11 05-24-00  01:12 pm
TranslationSeosamh Mac Muirí06-04-00  06:24 pm
MaireadS05-23-00  04:25 pm
Is the begining of "Ebudae" Irish, or just made up?Cathy Smith05-29-00  12:29 pm
Irish translationSeosamh Mac Muirí06-02-00  08:24 pm
HiFi Geek-speakSeosamh Mac Muirí06-01-00  12:18 pm
Naming My BoatSamuel Gibson05-26-00  11:35 am
Needing help with a Gaeilge boat nameWildRover06-03-00  01:55 am
Looking for help with a translationLora Day06-02-00  09:48 pm
"Wishing" tense or not?Seosamh Mac Muirí06-02-00  07:15 pm
Translation for the name " Sword of Light Music"cuchaia06-07-00  09:39 am
Dainséar. Paistí ag treasnúAgns Rotger06-02-00  04:12 am
Dedicated to a brotherSeosamh06-07-00  12:56 am
Look for cool people to help meCyril Ray Vergnaud06-05-00  10:18 pm
Need Translation for A TattooAn Creabhar18 06-14-00  12:48 pm
New puppy nameSeosamh06-10-00  01:17 pm
Please need help with a translation?Kay06-12-00  03:52 pm
Help! My book is trying to trick me!Kay06-12-00  04:00 pm
A request for a translation of my companies goals and initiativesKeith06-14-00  08:47 am
ince Cois FharraigeRob Christman06-15-00  08:52 am
Oíche Ghaelach i seomra cainte Rúnda06-15-00  06:17 pm
Ó Ró Sé do Bheatha BhaileRiobárd10-05-00  12:06 pm
ICQ as Gaeilge???Annraoi07-15-00  09:54 pm
Christening MugBrian Matson06-30-00  12:13 am
Donohue ClanJoe Donohue06-20-00  12:10 am
Good Luck and Safe JourneySeosamh06-23-00  03:38 pm
Petition for TG4 idirlineTadhg Mac Meanmain06-21-00  10:23 pm
Need help for Active Irish.William Small06-22-00  01:55 pm
Act of contrition-GaeilgeKay06-25-00  06:35 pm
Language Discrimination in Listowel Writers' Week!!!ANBHUAIN: The Gaelic06-24-00  11:05 am
Translation helpNeal Moran06-25-00  07:42 pm
Logainmneacha / Placenameswilliamfuller06-26-00  01:38 pm
Please help with translationLaigheanach06-29-00  01:44 pm
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