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go n-éirí an t-ádh leatAonghus07-14-99  02:06 am
A Rud FhiáinLúcas07-05-99  10:39 am
An Ceathru La Mi IuilLúcas07-09-99  10:13 pm
Translation of "warrior-poet"Seán Ó hEathaírn07-14-99  03:32 am
Step Group needs name !Seán Ó hEathaírn07-14-99  03:44 am
Irish Language Mailing ListsSMACSUIBHNE07-14-99  08:49 am
What would be the old irish translation of Hunterand Rose ?Erin O'Brien07-14-99  09:32 pm
A name for the Society for Creative AnachronisaAonghus07-16-99  03:30 am
Dictionary Recommendation?Seosamh08-01-99  04:12 pm
Aon Fhocal Eile - Any Other Wordkay08-03-99  10:59 am
Translation of Greek QuoteMáire Eilís08-04-99  06:54 am
Irish Language VideoMary08-06-99  01:21 pm
May I have a minute of your time?wm.fuller08-07-99  12:17 pm
How would you say this?Cathy Jones Smith08-10-99  04:22 pm
killed a man in error - Got a new nameGal soip08-14-99  12:29 pm
Need Help With Wedding PlansKAPPYDM08-16-99  09:52 pm
Grammar anyone? Má's é do thoil é?Michael08-18-99  11:12 pm
Roisin Dubh-sung by Paddy Tunney on "Lark in the Morning"Treasa Ni Cathain08-21-99  01:34 pm
Fochlacha As Gaeilge / Irish Words. An Creabhar08-22-99  03:27 pm
Billboards Attack NYC's Irish-Speakers!!!Seosamh08-24-99  08:36 pm
Grandpa/GrandmaMáire Ní Ógáin08-25-99  07:05 am
Please translate two words for meMáire Ní Ógáin08-25-99  07:13 am
Problem with pronunciationKay Uí Chinnéide08-25-99  05:08 pm
Exciting grammar questionsPatrick08-29-99  11:00 pm
Twins in search of namesLúcas09-01-99  10:55 pm
Source/Meaning name: "FALDIN"John J. White09-02-99  10:18 pm
The Mayor of Goughwm.fuller09-03-99  02:06 pm
Céad Míle Fáilte - A Hundred Thousand WelcomesAn Glic09-05-99  02:50 am
"parsing" of wordsjim cohn09-06-99  08:38 pm
Learning Irish - I know where to start, but where do I go now?wm.fuller09-08-99  01:46 pm
A neighbor of mine said...Dennis King09-09-99  12:38 pm
Irish and Scotish.Máire Ní Ógáin09-10-99  12:43 pm
Int'l Media on AOL ScandalANBHUAIN: The Gaelic09-11-99  01:44 pm
Translation, please.Kay09-14-99  01:20 pm
Welcoming a babyBarbara McCauley09-16-99  10:42 pm
Learning Irish in Padua and VeniceG. Siriu09-16-99  11:00 pm
Want gaelic phrase for end of new play, suggestions?David Foote09-17-99  12:35 am
What is my pen pal saying?Aonghus09-17-99  03:04 am
Gaelige for infants / reading material ?Aonghus09-17-99  08:43 am
Just need some help with FREEDOMSeosamh09-20-99  01:42 pm
SurnameRiobard Mac Gabhann09-21-99  11:51 pm
Translation of Sipheonadh na hAcmhainne Náisiúntacbhughes09-22-99  05:25 pm
17th century ballad translationAonghus09-23-99  06:00 am
Erin go BrahRIOBÁRD MAC GABHANN09-23-99  08:49 pm
Inis Darbre (Valentia Island)Louis09-24-99  08:20 pm
"begorrah" (?)Seosamh09-24-99  10:17 pm
Translation of "Remember Family"Aonghus09-25-99  01:56 pm
An Tiogar CeiolteachAoife09-25-99  04:16 pm
Cursai TechnalaiochtaLúcas09-26-99  11:14 pm
Numbers 1 through 10Máire Ní Ógáin09-28-99  06:53 am
symbols againAdam Moore09-28-99  03:51 pm
I would like to make a Hungarian/Irish dictionaryDuine éigin09-28-99  05:02 pm
"I am obsessive"Ariel09-30-99  01:47 am
BLIAN 2000????? CAN ANYONE HELP????????AOIFE09-30-99  01:16 pm
Fictional Irish-Latin offshoot languageAonghus10 09-30-99  02:17 pm
Astralaigh Oga le Gaeilge LiofaAstralach Uaigneach09-30-99  07:37 pm
not the fadaMáire Eilís10-03-99  08:44 am
"loud laugh"RIOBÁRD10-04-99  09:30 pm
Suíomh Cois Life TeorantaPadraig10-05-99  12:39 pm
Seanfhocal SuggestionPatrick Burke10-09-99  10:13 pm
damagedAriel10-10-99  11:22 pm
North Jersey Irish Groups?Karie Casserly10-12-99  01:28 am
Irish Language in ClevelandLisa10-14-99  12:49 pm
I need a few words and a dictionaryjfjf9110-14-99  04:06 pm
family motto of the fitzpatrickschris gaskill10-17-99  01:08 pm
Prayers and stuffAonghus10-18-99  09:04 am
Help with grammar---mas e do thoil eLisa10-18-99  02:13 pm
lament for Art Oleary Dennis King10-19-99  02:58 pm
Wee CottageAonghus10-20-99  06:17 am
My father and grandfather used to recite an Irish toast before drin...Aonghus11 10-26-99  04:21 pm
BEIR BUAAonghus10-30-99  03:47 am
A Modest ProposalKay10-30-99  03:31 pm
Translation of "bhearna bhaoil"Duine éigin10-31-99  12:17 am
Irish Books in MoscowMikhail Alandarenko11-02-99  11:19 pm
More help for AkronLisa11-08-99  10:15 am
GrandparentsStephen Rojcewicz11-09-99  07:49 am
I'm glad I found your siteAnne Docherty11-09-99  09:34 pm
Irish Wedding BlessingMáire Ní Ógáin11-10-99  05:48 am
A Gaelic Phrase - What does it mean?Jonas11-10-99  10:30 am
"Peace on Earth"?Aonghus11-12-99  03:07 am
Nice Polish girl has a questionjudith22 11-12-99  01:27 pm
Looking for Portland, Oregon area students/teachers of gaeligejudith11-13-99  01:36 pm
Help!Seosamh11-14-99  09:25 pm
Shillelagh ?Seosamh11-14-99  09:31 pm
small pronunciation questionMáire Ní Ógáin11-15-99  08:20 am
TranslationAonghus11-16-99  03:07 am
A Line From Whiskey in the JarMáire Ní Ógáin11-18-99  08:14 am
A couple of simple words????Marcella Few11-19-99  10:00 am
"odharnait" ?Kit Wellner11-20-99  12:14 pm
How do I pronounce?Barbara Maria Miller11-21-99  05:16 pm
"Man An Failsas" - Meaning?Dennis King11-22-99  02:36 pm
If ever you were mineAonghus11-22-99  03:22 pm
Need a Christmas GreetingSherri Finley11-27-99  09:04 am
Irish accent in speaking American EnglishRiobárd11-27-99  05:41 pm
Phonetic transcription (IPA) for Irish soundsSeosamh11-30-99  07:41 pm
English to Gaelic dictionary online?Jayn Lando11-30-99  08:07 pm
THIS SITE IS MOVING !Liam11-30-99  11:01 pm
Pronounce ?Carlton Scott Durkee12-02-99  03:45 am
re: The Year 2000Dennis King12-03-99  01:23 pm
non religios greetingDeaglán da Barra12-05-99  08:14 pm
Céli DéAonghus12-06-99  05:48 am
A Christmas PrayerEibhlín12-06-99  10:28 pm
Nollaig faoi mhaise (?)Seosamh12-08-99  11:50 pm
How do you say "I miss you?"An Creabhar12-10-99  12:47 pm
Vocabulary Question.claire12 12-10-99  03:00 pm
Help! Desperately seeking this Gaelic lyric:Áine Cooke12-11-99  10:20 pm
UncleSáfach Díreach12-12-99  02:37 am
Toasts / SláintíAonghus12-12-99  08:21 am
Songs in Gaeilge_Phonetically?Nansaidh12-14-99  01:30 pm
Grandpa of the GrandsonJulia10 12-16-99  05:02 pm
"I love you"Larry12-16-99  10:29 pm
Where do I find a translation dictionary?Mise12-17-99  08:26 pm
Pearse's oration at o Donovan Rossa gravesideLarry12-18-99  08:08 am
Tiocfaidh An La!JeanieB12-18-99  11:13 am
Merry Chritmas and a Happy New Year in IrishCaoimhín O'Cléirigh-12-21-99  09:31 pm
Non-Traditional Irish Name for Baby GirlBríd Ní Chatháin01-07-00  08:19 pm
The disgrace that is Irish teaching in schoolsSáfach01-16-00  02:45 pm
Translate English names to IrishIRISH HORSEMAN03-09-00  07:08 pm
need a definition for the word "Keeriaght"Colm03-20-00  05:03 am
NamesSeosamh03-20-00  04:55 pm
CAN YOU HELP ME FIND A TRANSLATION ?williamfuller03-22-00  04:53 pm
symbolsAnthony03-30-00  11:37 pm
How can an American teenager learn Irish?c.h.l.p.04-16-00  02:55 pm
Do Irish people still speak Irish?Username25 04-19-00  11:05 pm
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