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Posted on Saturday, August 25, 2001 - 06:19 pm:   Edit Post Print Post

I am posting this today out of desperation. I hope someone can help.

Is there anyone that translate this song into English?

Here are the traditional Irish lyrics (I think):
Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor

Bliain an taca seo dimigh uaim run mo chleibh
Ni thiocfaidh se abhaile go dtabharfaidh se cursa an tsaoil
Nuair chifead e rithead le fuinneamh ro-ard ina chomhair
agus chludod le mil e, is e Jimmy mo mhile stor.

Bionn mo mhathair is mathair ag bearradh is ag bruion liom fein
taim giobaithe piocaithe, ciapaithe, craite de mshaol
Thugas taitneamh don duine ud dob aille sno
agus chuaigh se ar bord loinge, is e Jimmy mo mhile stor

Rachadsa chun coille agus caithfead ann an chuid eile de mshoal
san ait na beidh einne ag eisteacht le ceol na n-ean
ag bun an chrainn chaorthainn mar a bhfasann ann fear go leor
ag tabhart taitnamh don duine ud is e Jimmy mo mhile stor
Please, please help me if you can. Thank you for reading.

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Fintan ( -
Posted on Monday, August 27, 2001 - 11:00 pm:   Edit Post Print Post

A chara,
Seo dhuit (here ye go)
My love he's gone from me, no fairer than him can be found,
He'll never return until he course the wide world around.
When I'll see my love coming I'll crown him with laurel all o'er,
He's the neatest of lovers called Jimmy mo mhíle stór.

My father and mother they never can give me ease
Since first my true love went from me to the seas,
I bear it with patience, shedding and sighing full sore,
Lamenting the fate of Jimmy, mo mhíle stór.

I'll got to the greenwood and spend there all of my time,
Where no man or mortal can ever disturb my mind,
Beneath the green willow I'll lament and sigh full sore,
And I'll wait on my pillow for Jimmy mo mhíle stór.
This translation was acquired over the Net. As to its absolute accuracy, I shall bow to the judgement of other and better speakers of the language.

Yours sincerely,

Creag 'Fintan' Batty

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