Introduction to Formatting

Accents and Special Characters

Board Windows Mac Result   Board Windows Mac Result
\ch{A} Alt 0193 Option-e & A Á   \ch{a} Alt 0225 Option-e & a á
\ch{E} Alt 0201 Option-e & E É   \ch{e} Alt 0233 Option-e & e é
\ch{I} Alt 0205 Option-e & I Í   \ch{i} Alt 0237 Option-e & i í
\ch{O} Alt 0211 Option-e & O Ó   \ch{o} Alt 0243 Option-e & o ó
\ch{U} Alt 0218 Option-e & U Ú   \ch{u} Alt 0250 Option-e & u ú

Cutting and Pasting

Text Formatting

Simple Features

Tag Description Example
\b{Your Text} Bold Text Your Text
\i{Your Text} Italics Text Your Text
\+{Your Text} Superscript Text [Reference]Your Text
\-{Your Text} Subscript Text [Reference]Your Text
\fixed{Your Text} Fixed Width Text Your Text
\u{Your Text} Underlined Text Your Text
\c{Your Text} Centered Text Your Text


Input:    \b{Show me some bold} and \i{italics text}.
Output:    Show me some bold and italics text.
Input:    H\-{2}O has a density of 1.000x10\+{-3} kg/mL.
Output:    H2O has a density of 1.000x10-3 kg/mL.


Tag Description Example
\red{Your Text} Red Text Your Text
\orange{Your Text} Orange Text Your Text
\yellow{Your Text} Yellow Text Your Text
\green{Your Text} Green Text Your Text
\cyan{Your Text} Cyan Text Your Text
\blue{Your Text} Blue Text Your Text
\purple{Your Text} Purple Text Your Text
\white{Your Text} White Text Your Text
\gray{Your Text} Gray Text Your Text
\black{Your Text} Black Text Your Text


Input:    \red{Red} and \green{green} are pretty colors.
Output:    Red and green are pretty colors.

Text Size

Tag Description Example
\2{Your Text} Largest (size +2 text) Your Text
\1{Your Text} Large (size +1 text) Your Text
\0{Your Text} Average (size +0 text) Your Text
\-1{Your Text} Smaller (size -1 text) Your Text
\-2{Your Text} Smallest (size -2 text) Your Text


Input:    \2{You} \1{can} \0{size} \-1{your} \-2{text}.
Output:    You can size your text.


Tag Description Example
\greek{Your Text} Greek (symbol) text Your Text
\strike{Your Text} Strikethrough Your Text
\blink{Your Text} Blinking text Your Text
\rgb{Hex_code,Your Text} Color text by hex code Your Text: aaaa00 color
\font{Font_face,Your Text}* Font face Your Text
\char{ASCII code} Character (0-255) Ê (ASCII code=202)
\indent{Your text} Indented (blockquoted)
Your text
\quote{Your text} Quoted Quote:
Your text
\link{URL, text description} Link to URL with text description  
\topurl{URL, text description} Link to URL in top frame with text description  
\newurl{URL, text description} Link to URL in new window with text description  
\mail{address, text description} "mailto" link to address with text description  
* = see note about escaping commas under "Special Characters"


Input:    \rgb{5aaa7c,This is a strange color}.
Output:    This is a strange color.
Input:    \font{Times New Roman,This is in a different font}.
Output:    This is in a different font.
Input:    \font{Comic Sans MS\,Tahoma,Note the escaped comma here}.
Output:    Note the escaped comma here.


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